Friday, May 1, 2009

Always Learning

I recently had a discussion with a new friend who also happens to be a writer. One thing that came up in our conversation was how many writers are pretty diligent about continuing their education. Perhaps not in the actual 'sitting in the classroom' sense, but by reading books and articles, attending conferences or workshops, subscribing to other writer's blogs or newsletters, or working with a writer's group.

I used to think that I needed to attend a big writer's conference or enroll in a writing course to continue my writing education. While these are excellent ways to boost a writing career, there are other, even less expensive ways to keep learning. I receive at least a half dozen free writing e-zines. They are packed with great articles, resources, links, markets, writing jobs, contests and more, and they have been a great blessing to me. I also have a small library of writing books, and am always on the lookout for others that will help challenge and polish my writing.

I think that the important thing to remember is that our educational background isn't as important as what we continue to learn to become better writers. In this way we move forward in our writing, can grow personally, and fulfill that wonderful calling God has for our lives.


  1. I agree with you! My educational background was a journalism degree, and I earned it nearly thirty years ago. But my writing ability has been honed over the past ten years or so. I too find books, magazines and e-zines helpful.

    Congratulations on your blog decision!


  2. Thanks Barb! Appreciate the thoughts very much, particularly from a blog 'pro' such as yourself:)


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