Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Claim of Her Own

I recently had the pleasure of reading one of Stephanie Grace Whitson's new books. It was a treat! Thought I'd share the review.

A Claim of Her Own

By Stephanie Grace Whitson
Genre - Christian Historical Fiction
Publisher - Bethany House Publishers

I thoroughly enjoyed Stephanie Grace Whitson’s story about Mattie O’Keefe and her life in Deadwood, South Dakota. Whitson's engaging tale brings the characters and landscape to life. Mattie’s brother Dillon is working a claim panning for gold; he and Mattie made plans to start a new life, far and away from the challenges of their past. Mattie is supposed to wait to join Dillon until his claim pays enough to support them both. Circumstances dictate Mattie’s hasty escape from her so-called home, and she sets out to find Dillon.

Eager to start a new life, Mattie is unprepared for what awaits her in Deadwood. She learns the hard way that finding gold in this untamed territory is no picnic. Wary of the kind people who befriend her, Mattie is slow to trust, especially when it comes to men. Despite her distrust of men, Mattie is intrigued by a street preacher by the name of Aron Gallagher. Gallagher preaches a gospel unlike any other that she’s heard. Mattie is determined not to fall for any religious platitudes, but Gallagher’s words and actions speak to her slowly softening heart. Unknown to Mattie, her past will soon find her in Deadwood, further testing what she’s made of. Using action, insight, and the great ability to tell a good story, Whitson provides an interesting slice of history through a hurting young woman’s eyes. Mattie's personal growth gives us all something to ponder.

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