Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Review - Beyond This Moment

I recently finished reading this book; thought I'd share the review I wrote...

Review - Beyond This Moment,
Timber Ridge Reflections Book 2
Author – Tamera Alexander
Publisher – Bethany House
Genre – Christian Historical Fiction

Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes, and Dr. Molly Whitcomb is no exception. Molly’s new beginning includes a move west with a job as a schoolteacher in Colorado Territory in 1876. She is not the average schoolmarm, Molly is a woman of many talents, a Professor of Romance Languages, and has more than one secret hiding in her heart.

Sheriff James McPherson has a secret or two of his own, and finds himself intrigued with Timber Ridge’s newest citizen. He is a keen judge of character, and while Molly’s behavior and manner with others seems above reproach, something just doesn’t seem right.

Molly must overcome several obstacles to win the approval of some of the residents, but she appears to do so with flying colors. As friendships between Molly and McPherson, his family, and other residents blossom, things get more complicated. Dr. Whitcomb’s conscience and rekindled faith is a force to be reckoned with. Molly unwittingly jeopardizes McPherson’s reputation and future as sheriff.

Will Molly be forced to leave Timber Ridge? Will her past forever haunt her? Tamera Alexander weaves a rich tale of a woman facing choices and consequences, redemption, and new beginnings. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction will enjoy Molly’s story in this picturesque setting. I was hooked from the beginning and had trouble putting it down, but was sorry when the story was over. I hope Ms. Alexander continues this series – I for one, will be sure to read it.

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