Friday, May 8, 2009

Tools for "Always Learning"

Here are a few of the e-zines that I receive that serve as my "Always Learning" tools. These have been helpful, motivating, and inspirational, among other things. There are many more excellent resources out there, and I will share new ones as I come across them. These listed below are free, too. Who says good things aren't free? Happy writing!

To subscribe to one of my favorites, the Christian e-zine TopNotch Writer, send a blank email to:

Hope Clark has several great e-newsletters, one of which is called Funds For Writers. For more info, or to subscribe, visit

Another favorite of mine is Dan Case's Writing for Dollars. Subscribe by visiting this link:

Writing World is a good one that I came across recently, and it has had some helpful articles and tips. To sign up, visit:

Visit this site to sign up for Worldwide Freelance Writer, yet another source of great info:

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