Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping at It

"Write every day" they say...Just exactly who are they? I guess they are all the experts who have gone before us, writing and publishing everything that we read.

Do you write every day? Or should I say, do you write something that applies to or furthers your writing every day? We can write each day, emails, on facebook, or whatever, and while they are not bad things or places to write, do they move us forward to our writing goals? Do they distract us from the real writing that we've been meaning to get to?

This is something that I've been thinking about lately, just in case you wanted to know:) And I've determined that I will be more diligent in this area. I always have numerous writing projects and ideas going. They are all here, either on my laptop or on my desk somewhere. When I set my mind to it and trust the Lord to help me focus and work toward the goals He's impressed upon me, I find I get a whole lot more writing done.

One thing that has helped me has been to take advantage of small pockets of time that would otherwise get wasted. If I have 20 minutes before dinner comes out of the oven, for example, and nothing else pressing to do, I make myself sit down and write a paragraph or two on that article I've been working on. Even when I feel as though I must force myself, once I sit down, words usually hit the keyboard more easily than I expect.

One writer I read about said in these instances she sets a timer and starts writing. The timer reminds her of whatever she must do next (lest she get swept away writing). She says that it helps her get a lot more writing done.

I also take a notebook with me when I have appointments, or think that I will have some empty time while out of the house waiting for something or someone. This has been helpful, and makes me feel more productive on those days when there's a lot of running around to do.

So how do you keep writing? What has helped you "Keep at It"? I'd love to hear about it, and may just use your ideas. If you don't mind of course.

Happy writing!


  1. You've got some great suggestions here, Karen. I get my best work done when I set a deadline for myself, probably because I used to be a reporter and got used to deadlines. But these days, it's harder. There's just so much going on. I do find that scheduling a specific time to write and considering it an appointment is a good way to keep at a project.

  2. I totally agree. I have great success with self-imposed deadlines. Usually:) Fabulous idea, thanks Barb!


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