Saturday, February 27, 2010

One More Award

I'm honored to say that I just received another award from Bri over at Silver Savings and Freebies. To be blessed in this manner is such a sweet experience. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging.

Thank you, Bri, for thinking of me! For details about the award, or to check out Bri's blog, click here.

Happy weekend, all! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prewriting Thoughts and Happy Awards

What are your your thoughts about prewriting? How much mental or actual editing do you do before or as you write? I found Becky's puzzle-like thoughts over at Inside Out an interesting commentary along these lines. Thought maybe you might too. And btw, just in case you wanted to know, Becky is my daughter:)

I have been the recipient of several awards in the past few months, and have been terribly lax about mentioning them here. My apologies to the lovely blogger friends who bestowed these gifts upon me! I do appreciate them, and have no excuses to offer other than a busy schedule and distant family illnesses which has kept me on the phone more often than not.

The Happiness 101 Award was given to me by Raymonde, of  Everyday I Walk With You. You made me smile, Raymonde! Just like I do every time I visit your blog. You are a sweet friend, and perhaps some day this side of heaven we will meet and you can give me a tour of your stomping grounds. Or perhaps I can give you a tour across the pond here in the United States.

The Pursuing Your Dream Award was given to me by Maria at Life's Lessons. Writing does allow me to pursue my dream, which also happens to be writing! Thank you, Maria, for your thoughtfulness. Your blog offers wonderful insight on the lessons we can learn from everyday living.

One more award to mention - I know, there's a great risk of getting a big head here. You will all just have to keep me humble. The Prolific Blogger Award was given to me by Katt of Katt's Komments. Thank you, Katt, for thinking of me! It was a sweet and unexpected surprise. You are a treasured blogging friend.

Now comes the fun part. I hereby offer these wonderful awards to all my followers. Without you, my blog would be boring and friendless, which would be pretty sad, I think.Thanks for your friendship and support.

Much love and blessings to you all,
Karen :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just for Fun

Time for a little off topic fun!

Bridget over at Mint Green With Envy features product reviews and giveaways. Reviewed goodies include household products, cosmetics, purses, scarves, and jewelry. If you're in the mood for a good contest, this is the place to go.

I've mentioned this blog before, but in case you happened to miss it, Silver Savings and Freebies is another fun place to read a review and enter a drawing. Candles, cosmetics, and even vinyl wall decals are some of the recent offerings.

Another favorite fun blog is the Giveaway Lady. Here you will find reviews and giveaways galore. Stop by and see what blog host Charity has to say about everything from books, cosmetics, storage containers, and beyond, plus links to other great contests and goodies.

Writing Straight From the Heart is Susan Wicker's lovely blog that features posts about art, collectibles, and a whole lot more. Susan's photos and commentary add a little thought provoking fun and culture to my blog roll.

What have you been doing for fun lately?

Blessings to you, and Happy Writing!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Elana Johnson's Fabulous Contest

The fabulous find of the week would have to be Elana Johnson's  

The winner gets a query letter critique by one of five terrific literary agents.
As a bonus, five other winners will be awarded Elana's eBook,  
From the Query to the Call.

Sounds like a grand deal to me:)
Hurry over to Elana's blog!
  Contest ends Sunday, February 21, 2010.
Happy Writing!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Hopping

I enjoy finding new and interesting blogs, and Lindsey Edward's The Write Words is one of my recent discoveries. This post, entitled Publishing Terms You Should Know features a list of terms that every writer should be familiar with. If you happen to stop by early in the week, check out the writing tips and links on Lindsey's Tip Tuesday.

Hoosier Ink features writers from guess where? You got it, Indiana! They've got a big list of contributers, including Cara Putman, Coleen Coble, and Crystal Laine Miller, to name a few. There's a wealth of topics such as marketing, platforms, copyrights, and legal issues.

Another recent find is Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents. This blog is much more than a how-to-find an agent guide, its archives have writing covered from nearly every angle. Chuck is an editor and the author of Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript and How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack (release date September 2010).

Found any interesting new blogs lately? Share them with us!

Happy writing:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

February Writing Prompt

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

What does this quote bring to mind? That time you stuck your foot in your mouth? Oh, pardon me, that couldn't have been you, that time I stuck my foot in my mouth? :) It makes me wonder what prompted Mr. Lincoln to speak it out loud. He must have had his patience tried that day. 

For February's writing prompt, use whatever this quote brings to mind for a flash fiction or a non-fiction story. Or, use it as the opening line or in the body of the story. The choice is yours, and we'll get ready to be dazzled by your fiction greatness! No, really, I'm serious. I am sure it will be great, and great fun if you decide to let me share it here. No pressure of course. Write away!

Happy Writing, and Blessings to you:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Silent Governess

The Silent Governess
by Julie Klassen
Bethany House

The year is 1815 and Olivia Keene is running. Running from her past? Perhaps. Running from her future? Possibly. What IS she running from? You simply must pick up a copy and see, for not even Olivia knows the full story that initiates her harrowing journey.

Life was relatively quiet for Olivia, teaching at Miss Cresswell's school for girls in the English countryside. Quiet that is, until a series of events tossed her on an unexpected adventure that catapults her headlong into Lord Edward Bradley's world. His is a world laden with secrets. Now Olivia knows one of them, and she is bound to the handsome Bradley by fear and consequences. Can things get any more tangled? Just about the time I thought they couldn't, they do!

Julie Klassen is one of my new favorite authors. She's woven a web that intertwines Olivia and Edward's lives beyond anything they could have imagined. Their relationship moves from strained and cautious to nearly friendly - but does it stay that way? Will Olivia ever see her mother Dorothea again? And what of Edward's cousin Felix, the family rogue who has designs on Olivia? If you love historical fiction, this is one that's just too good to miss.

Happy reading! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Thinking about publishing an E-book? Already written one? Publish Your Own E-Books has info on how to write, publish, and sell E-books online. Stop by and check out their blog and other resources, or sign up for the free E-book newsletter.

I've considered publishing an E-book edition of my booklet about homeschool learning co-ops. I sell it directly and through several vendors, but I've been told that it would have appeal in E-book format too. I agree, now to find the time to do it...

I think that E-books are a different and useful alternative, particularly in certain markets, such as homeschooling. I've downloaded all kinds of E-books, and they've been great. But I admit, I prefer a regular old fashioned book as opposed to a sheaf of papers. Maybe it's just me, but curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and an E-book just isn't the same.

What about you, what do you think about E-books? Do you think that E-books will ever replace regular books? Have you written and published one? Share your thoughts with us. As always, we're all ears:)

Happy Writing!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Angels Book Winner & Audience of One Giveaway

Congratulations to Robyn Campbell! She is the winner of a copy of Angels from Monday's blog tour giveaway. Thanks to all who participated! 

Also.check out the nifty prize that my friend Jeanette is giving away on her blog, Audience of One. Jeanette is celebrating "I Love My Blog Followers" with this special giveaway. Jeanette's blog is always a blessing. Stop by if you have a minute. She'd love to see you.

Blessings to all and Happy Weekend!                                               

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, One Smart Guy!

"Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the greatest invention of the world." Abraham Lincoln

This is a quote that I like to consider from different angles. It makes me wonder what Lincoln was thinking about when he said it. Who was he with? Did he say it in response to a favorite book? Did he truly think writing was man's invention, or upon further reflection give the credit to the Lord?  

What comes to mind when you read it? Does it give you any writing ideas? Tell us, please, it'd be fun to hear what you think. A penny for your thoughts:)

Happy February, and Blessings to you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Angels - Book Review & Giveaway

Blog Tour Review
Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers

Dr. David Jeremiah's new book, Angels is making the Blog Tour rounds this week, and I'm pleased to share a review here.

Do you believe in angels? Even those who don't profess to be Bible believing, born again Christians say that they do. It seems there's always an angel story circulating online or a sighting or a report of an angelic encounter. How do we discern the real deal?

Dr.Jeremiah takes the reader on a journey through scripture that documents the Biblical accounts of who angels are and why they exist. You might call this the A to Z guide on angels, for he shares details about their divine purpose, where they came from, and what we can learn from them. This is of particular importance, he says, in light of the increased demonic activity in this generation.

Using the Bible as a guide, he points out how the purpose of a study of angels is to draw us closer to God.  He encourages us to test stories about angels to see if they glorify God in the right way, and help bring salvation. Highlighted also are the attributes of angels; which gives us an example of how to worship and honor Him.

What about the fallen angels? What is their place in God's plan? Knowing the enemy's traits and tactics is important, Jeremiah says, to avoid being deceived by Angels of Light. I like how he covers this area, too, for I think we need to be equipped in this way for the big and little challenges that come our way.

Did you know that the word angel means messenger? We also learn that angels impart strength, guidance, and deliverance for God's people. Now that's something to rejoice about!

Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Jeremiah's stance on the subject, his well documented research is worthy of consideration. I plan on hanging on to this book and reading it again.

Here's the Giveaway Part:

A hearty Thank You goes to the friendly folks at WaterBrook Multnomah who provided an additional copy for a giveaway.

To enter this exciting February Blog Tour Giveaway, please note the following details:

*Leave a comment on this post. Include your name and email address in this spam busting format: karenelange(at)gmail(dot)com. Entries without name and email address will not be eligible.

*If you already are or become a follower of my blog, mention that in your comment. I'll give you an extra entry for doing so.

Contest ends at midnight, Thursday, February 4, 2010. Winner will be drawn and announced on Friday, February 5. Giveaway open to residents of the United States only.

These books were provided free of charge by WaterBrook Multnomah for review and giveaway purposes.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy reading!