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A Plethora of Pictures with Jody Hedlund

Behind the Scenes of Captured by Love Blog Tour

Please join me in welcoming author Jody Hedlund! She's visiting as part of her blog tour for her latest book, Captured by Love.

Jody's giving away a paperback copy, so check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

A Plethora of Pictures for Captured by Love

I admit, I am a Pinterest addict! Okay, so maybe not an addict, but this Pin is very true of me.


One of the things I like to do the most on Pinterest is create novel boards for each of my novels. What are novel boards?

Basically, they're boards that summarize the characters and events in a novel via pictures and  snippets below each picture.

Novel boards are a great way to give readers a glimpse of the story before they read the book. I use pictures to briefly tell the sequence of the story and give the readers some ideas of what takes place in the book (I try not to have spoilers!). The pins are a way to hopefully intrigue a reader, to get them interested, even excited about the story.

The novel boards can also be a place readers can go after finishing the book. Often if a book really resonates with a reader, they'll search out the author's website and want to learn a little more about the author and the book. The boards of pictures can give more insight into the research, setting, and characters.

Of course my novel boards aren't perfect. It's not always easy to find pins to match the story. And it's also challenging to get them in story order (since Pinterest still doesn't allow you to reposition pins on individual boards once you've pinned them).

But I'm also learning that with each book I write, (while I'm in first draft mode), to bookmark pictures and even pin some onto one of my Secret Boards, so that I have them closer to the book release when I begin putting the board together.

All that to say, I invite you to stop by my Captured by Love Novel Board and take a look at all the various pictures that will hopefully bring the story to life in a different way for you.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the pictures that I picked to represent my story.

The story opens on a foggy morning in the spring of 1814. After a long isolated winter, the residents of Michilimackinac Island are starving. Angelique is sneaking food to her friend Miriam when she's confronted by a British soldier who demands that she hand over her early morning catch of fish.


(Photo credit: Flickr Mike the GForcers)

The long winter has just ended and spring is starting to bloom. A wide variety of lilacs grow in Mackinac Island. Angelique and Miriam both love this fragrant flower.


(Photo credit: Flickr knitting iris)

When the British forced many of the American men to leave the island, the farms and fields fell into disrepair. Miriam's farm is overgrown with weeds and has remained unplanted since her son Jean left to fight with the American forces.


(Photo credit: Flickr Leon Reed)

Angelique has helped keep Miriam and other residents from starving during the winter by fishing. Her canoe (like most canoes at the time) was a birchbark canoe. 

(Photo credit: Flickr Shannon Mills)

Additional British troops have landed on the island in preparation for an inevitable battle with the Americans who want to retake the island.


(Photo credit: Flickr Gary Strong) 

Native Americans are arriving on the island too. As allies with the British, they've come to receive their annual "gifts" from the British as well to aid them in battle in a potential American invasion of the island.

(Photo credit: Flickr ryanophilly)

These are just a few of the pictures on my Pinterest board for Captured by Love. Make sure you head over soon to check out the rest!

Well, that's all, dear friends! We've come to the end of the behind-the-scenes tour of Captured by Love. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the making of the book. And now if you haven't already read it, pick up a copy and enjoy!

Do you enjoy seeing pictures of things in novels? Does it help bring the novel to life? Or would you rather leave the story to your imagination?

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jody!

Find Jody at her website and on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

My Review of Captured by Love 

Captured by Love is another Jody Hedlund classic – it offers a wonderful plot rich in detail, carefully orchestrated to engage and entertain the reader.  Although the characters reside in a different era, they are authentic and relatable, facing obstacles not so different from our own. Hedlund shares a lively and stirring tale full of surprises and adventure, love and redemption. Historical fiction fans will not be disappointed; it’s a great read.

Don't forget to check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Do you have any questions for Jody? What are you reading this week?

Happy reading and writing,


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