Monday, December 7, 2015

Shock the Clock by Jeanette Levellie

Please join me in helping Jeanette Levellie celebrate the release of Shock the Clock, Time Management for Writers and Other Creatives!

Due to release on December 14, Shock the Clock offers insight on how to make the most of our time. With her wonderful and witty signature style, Jeanette shares tips, tricks, and encouragement to help us streamline the creative process. 

Congratulations, Jeanette! Glad you could stop by. How would you describe your writing to someone who hasn't read any of your books?

Thank you, Karen! Great to be here. I'd say my writing is inspirational humor or humorous inspiration. I write devotional vignettes, mostly about ditzy things I’ve done and the messes I get into that the Lord rescues me out of, much to his unending merciful credit. 

One of the things I like about your writing is that it is engaging and down to earth. What inspired you to write Shock the Clock?

I noticed that all the time management books I’d read were based on the writer’s personality type—mostly Choleric, or Type A—which doesn’t work if you are an introvert or ditzy. I decided to write a book that addressed how you can manage your time, based on various personalities. 

That's a wonderful idea, and I think it will suit many creative types. What is your 30 second description for this book? 

If you got an A+ in procrastination, can’t find your car keys, and might need a lifetime pass to Clutterbugs Anonymous, you can benefit from this lighthearted approach to managing your time and getting more writing done. 

Sounds great! Having read your book, I'd say there are tips for the organized type too. How did you research and plan this book? 

I planned the book based on classes I’ve taught at writers conferences on time management, which were well-attended and from which I received a lot of postitive feedback. I also threw in some funny articles on clutter control, a list of 40 tips and secrets I’ve discovered (the hard way) for saving time, and a bunch of fun cartoons drawn by my artist son.  

You made a good choice; it's a winning combination. What do you hope readers will take away from Shock the Clock? 

I hope writers and other creatives—from artists to musicians to movie producers to Play-doh sculpters—will be encouraged by God and my words, that you can learn to manage your time, even if you were born disorganized and discombobulated like me.  

You are an inspiration, Jeanette. :) Wishing you all the best! Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Thank you, Karen!  

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Are you time management challenged? What helps keep you on track? Have any questions for Jeanette? 

This is my last post for 2015. May the remainder of the year find you and your loved ones happy and blessed. See you on 1/4/16! 

Happy reading and writing,