Friday, August 21, 2009

What Have You Learned This Week?

I came across this entry recently on Hope Clark's blog.

It seems Hope's finger had a mishap with her shrub pruners, and she was feeling a bit thoughtful. She shared some things that she learned during her eventful week. Reading the list gave me all sorts of ideas for writing projects, blog entries, and just some good old food for thought. The main thing I came away with, so far, was the idea to take a little time each week reflecting on events, personal revelations, emotions, and so on. For me, it could be a way to get my head together and help my writing, but it could also be a way to file the good and the bad and move forward.

So. what have you learned this week? Where will it take you? Share it with us; we'd love to hear about it!

Blessings to you, and of course, Happy Writing:)


  1. Karen,
    I love the new look! Green is my color.
    This week I've learned that you can never do it all. My biggest downfall is expecting myself to do everything on my 'To Do' list.
    Or maybe I need to make two lists. One for 'To Do' and one for 'Would Like To Do.'
    Another thing I hashed out with my mom yesterday over lunch...I would much rather be in the house writing and look forward to the day when I can devote more time to that. But, if I'm not homeschooling and gardening and tending animals and training little boys and young men and canning and freezing and all those other things that compete for my attention, what would be left for me to write about?
    Readers don't want to read about what you used to do, they want current, fresh perspectives. So, I guess there will always be a tug-of-war for my time and energies.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thanks! I like the green too. Lol - I think I need two to-do lists too. And I always think I can get more done in a day than I usually can. You'd think I'd learn after all these years. As for a tug of war, I think it's always there to some degree. There's always something that needs our attention.

    Blessings for your day!

  3. I learned how to write a better query thanks to my critique partner. I learned that God still cares when I think my fears are more than I or he can handle.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Terri,

    Hooray for better query letters! (I may be asking you a question or two about that...:)

    A refresher on how God cares vs. our fears is always good to have. Always!

    Blessings for your weekend.

  5. Hi Karen -

    You mentioned how going over the events helped you to process them and move on (my paraphrase). I do this with journaling each morning.

    It's like keeping up with filing. The longer I let it go, the more it nags at me and clutters my brain.

    Good advice.

    Susan :)

  6. You know, Susan, I feel the same way. Like I have to properly process and categorize things to move on.
    Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. I learned I could write quickly. Saturday before last I was assigned to write the script for our Drama Ministry Chistmas presentation. I got it done-in longhand and input to the computer in six days.

  8. Thanks for your thoughts, Cecelia. It is amazing what we can do under a little pressure. Congrats to you! Here's to lots of speedy, good writing for all of us! :)


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