Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deadline Troubles?

Do you have trouble meeting deadlines? In a recent issue of Dan Case's Writing for Dollars, R. Matthews shares five steps to help you stay on deadline. Ms. Matthews' sage advice is simple but doable, and provides motivation to help us stay on course.

While there, you may want to peruse the rest of the issue. It has info on 14 potential writing markets, ranging from low to high paying publications. Also included is another article, Five Ways to Start Building a Platform, by Jennifer Brown Banks. Ms. Banks article provides even more thought provoking gems to get us going.

Deadlines await, so I'll close for now. :)

As always, happy writing!


  1. Hi Karen -

    I haven't faced a book deadline yet, but have easily met periodical deadlines. Someone once said that a deadline is the last date you can turn something in, but there's no rule saying you can't turn it in ahead of time.

    If I have a deadline, I get the task done ASAP.

    Susan :)

  2. Hi Susan,

    I'm pretty good with deadlines, they keep me motivated. But I do have a tendency to procrastinate sometimes, too, so deadlines are very helpful!



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