Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book Review

Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Nearly Perfect Marriage
by Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey
Publisher - Thomas Nelson

I thought this book would offer a different take on the traditional marriage book. To say it did would be an understatement! Burgess and Bussey's lighthearted look at marriage was entertaining; they offered observations from the 'guy' point of view. These are real authentic guys who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves or their attempts at a happy marriage.

There are examples of how to/how not to do things when relating to your spouse. Comments range from the male vs. female views on getting directions, raising children, and family finances. One of my favorite chapters was about how important it is to respect your spouse. It contains a chart that illustrates ways wives can show respect for their husbands. Husbands don't get off the hook either, they address that side of it too. They tie it up with how important it is to have a God centered marriage. A chapter entitled "The Unthinkable" discusses living together for better or for worse. Here Burgess shares how they survived the loss of their 2 year old son. It was touching, and a good illustration of how to work through tough times.

At first I wasn't sure that I liked the angle this book took, but I can see now where it could relate to many couples with a humorous and down to earth approach. I don't know that I would buy it as a wedding gift, but I can see where it could minister to and encourage couples of all ages.

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