Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Superior Scribbler Awards

Superior Scribbler Award

I was honored to receive this blogger award recently, bestowed upon me by Susan Reinhardt of Christian Reader/Writer Connection. It is given to bloggers whose blogs are interesting, noteworthy, and all around nice to read.

The guidelines say that I am supposed to share a few things about myself that you may not know. So here goes.

1) I was born in Lancaster, PA.

2) When I was born I had so much thick, dark hair that many of the nurses thought I was an Amish baby. (I was not:)

3) My favorite sport is hockey. Ice and roller hockey, to be exact, and my sons get the blame. They became interested when they were younger, and yes, I became a hockey mom. I was not aware that I could yell so loudly until I started attending their games. It was nice yelling of course, things like "Woo hoo" and "Shoot the puck!"

4) I know more hockey rules than Susan Reinhardt.

5) My favorite beverage from Starbuck's is the Green Tea Frappucino. My second favorite is the Strawberry Frappucino.

Now I have the honor of passing the Superior Scribbler Award to five other bloggers. It was a hard choice, for there are so many wonderful blogs out there!

1) I pass this award along to MaryAnn Diorio of The Write Power blog. MaryAnn is a dear friend and writing mentor, whose kind words never fail to challenge and encourage me. I would not be where I am today as a writer without MaryAnn's support, advice, and love.

2) Barbara Frank, of Barbara Frank Online, has a wonderful blog for homeschool parents. Barb's contributions to the homeschool community are numerous, and she never fails to provide insightful commentary, great links, and general encouragement.

3) A newer favorite of mine is Michelle Sherlin's A Few Minutes with Michelle. Michelle shares lots of goodies about everyday life complete with spiritual insight and applications. Her sons, who provide many topics for her blog, sound positively adorable.

4) I also enjoy stopping by at Rose McCauley's blog. Rose lives in KY, like me, and offers her thoughts on writing and how it ties in with spiritual things. Her candid thoughts about her life and writing journey always provide food for thought.

5) Finally, (and perhaps I am just biased here), my daughter Becky Lange's Inside Out is at the top of my list of favorites. It has been a blessing to see her grow into a young woman, and now, a bit of a writer too. She sometimes seems to see life from a different angle than I do; this is a good thing! I enjoy her perspective on spiritual and other matters. Plus I just think she's cute:)

Congratulations ladies, and thanks for blessing and enriching lives in so many ways.

Click here for more info on the Superior Scribbler Award.

Happy writing!


  1. Thank you
    so very much, Karen, for this special honor. Ever since I met you, I saw the potential in you to be an outstanding writer. And you have proven yourself to be just that! :)

    Your homeschooling articles and your blog make me so very proud of you! I pray that God will expand your writing influence beyond your wildest dreams, for His glory and for the building of His Kingdom!

    Again, thank you so very much for this much appreciated award. :)



  2. You are most welcome, MaryAnn, and quite deserving of it:)

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Karen -

    LOL! You may know more hockey rules than I do, but I put in plenty of hours at the rink watching my adopted nephew play.

    Congratulations to all the new recipients of the Superior Scribbler Award!

    Susan :)

  4. Hi Susan - I forgot about that, so you may know a rule or two or three. Perhaps we could have a quiz to check and see:)


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