Monday, March 15, 2010

The Time Factor


Time. It's been on my mind for a number of reasons. I've been stressing a bit while juggling my writing and teaching schedules, family and other commitments, and blogging, So I was pleased to see Jody Hedlund's post on Friday entitled What to Do When Overwhelmed with Blogging.

Jody's advice renewed my perspective - and what a blessing that was! In addition to general observations like what blogging can do for the pre-published writer, she offers three constructive points to help avoid that swamped feeling. Thank you, Jody! Your post was timely.

Jody's post reminded me that I'd been meaning to ask you all your thoughts regarding time management and writing and blogging. Here goes:
  • Does your writing always come first? 
  • How do you manage to fit writing and blogging in? 
  • Do you have a method that helps you fit in weekly visits to your favorite blogs? 
  • Do you schedule your posts ahead of time, or write them and post immediately? 
  • What benefits have you reaped from blogging? 
  • What drawbacks, if any, have you found?
Okay, I know, we're not playing twenty questions. I'm just curious and want to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to share as much as you like.

Don't forget, I'll be announcing the winner of the Spring Blogoversary Giveaway later today. My Blogoversary month continues with a few more giveaways and special features, and an author interview, so stay tuned!

Happy writing:)


  1. Glad my post helped spark some thinking! I'm am constantly evalutating blogging and trying to keep it in it's proper perspective!

  2. I am trying to get caught up on visiting blogs before I unplug for a couple of weeks.

    Karen, I too have been greatly helped by Jody's post. So much so that I am only going to post three days a week and I am unplugging for two weeks.

    But blogging has helped me find jewels like you and the rest of my blogger friends. For that I am eternally grateful. And if that is all I ever received from blogging it would all be worth it, because that is what counts. The people that I trust to pray for my son Christopher. I am so thankful to God for leading me into this. You friends are truly worth everything. I love you all. And I mean that.

    I never have time to write my posts ahead of time. Although I had to do that for this week since I am unplugging, because of ST. Patrick's Day. A true Irishman never lets that day pass without celebration. =)

    There have been days when I let blogging come before my writing. NO MORE! That will not happen again.

    Super post. See you when I get back. Gotta get everything ready to query. Happy ST. Paddy's Day Karen.

  3. Okay, I'm back. The above comment was made by me. My teenage son had used my computer last night and I didn't notice. UG! He has his own computer. Why does he like mine better? Waaaaaaaaa

  4. I had to laugh when I saw your post/picture. I write my Monday posts on Sun. and I too wrote about time. :) Jody has a wonderful way of communicating things, doesn't she?

    ~ Wendy

  5. Hi Karen,
    I usually blog first thing in the morning. There are so many great blogs to comment on, it can get a bit much, but I love it. With my devotional blog, I usually write down any inspirations I have and keep them close by for a new post. My writing blog is more spontaneous. I think my blogs have been more of an influence on my writing than any other thing. (except God). All of you fellow bloggers have encouraged me and given me information I needed to become a better writer.

    You know, my writing doesn't come first in a lot of ways, but it's way up there on the list! Being a grandma takes some of my time away from writing, but hey, what could be a better distraction??
    Happy Monday!

  6. Karen, LOVED this post. This thought has been rattling around in my skull.

    Blogging for me has been a fun thing and I've been thrilled to note that it stimulates my writing juices and also provides that break when getting out my daily word count is like drawing blood from a collapsed vein.

    So I have found time to do both and revel in the fact that I CAN do both.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I LOVE your blog and see some great writing/analogies/stories. You go, girl!

    Plus you're downright fun and likeable!!!!


  7. The past couple of weeks, I've been writing my blog posts for the week over the weekend. I visit blogs for a small chunk of time every M,W,F, but my writing always comes first. If I felt I had to unplug, I would. But I enjoy meeting other writers, I like the fresh writing, and enjoy blogging. And what we enjoy, we make time for. But I'm at home and able to do that. If I worked full time, I don't know if I'd blog.

  8. Jody,
    You were the catalyst for this post; I wouldn't have gotten to it so soon otherwise. Thanks for your pearls of wisdom!

    I agree; I've found such wonderful friends and info through blogging. It's been great. I have to watch how I balance it, though, or I do allow it to overtake my writing time.

  9. Jan,
    I do both spur of the moment and write ahead/scheduled blogging. It kind of depends on what is happening. The grandma thing - I'm totally with you there! If my writing is put off a little because of that, then so be it! :)

  10. Patti,
    You are a sweetheart! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. The feeling is mutual. We really should do lunch one of these days!

  11. Laura,
    Nice to meet you; thanks so much for dropping in and commenting. Stopped by your blog, love the 'write to ramble'!

  12. Karen:
    I find myself writing for my blog. I have had difficult times trying to find a market for my essays,stories, and plays.
    I need to learn and practice time management skills more than I do.

  13. Hi Karen -

    Scheduling is my lifeline to sanity. It takes the stress out of blogging.

    I'm indebted to bloggers who limit their posts to four or less a week. It gives me an opportunity to catch up.

    Susan :)

  14. Cecelia,
    I need to manage my time better, too. You are right, blog writing is a great way to sharpen our writing skills. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  15. Susan,
    I know what you mean. Of late, I just can't make it around to every blog each time there's a new post. I hate to miss anything b/c they're all such a blessing. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I took a blogging break on Thursday and Friday and missed Jody's post. But it sounds great so I'll go check it out. And I love these questions! They help to put everything in perspective.

  17. Elana,
    To get a perspective, I need things organized like these questions. They help me order and think better. Glad you thought so too. Thanks for dropping in! :)

  18. Good questions. Blogging does seem to become a intergal part of life once you start.
    I struggled with it at first, primarly because I would rather wrap myself in fiction, but I've come to realize that to be a well rounded it author it's important. I've also connected with some really great, encouraging people through it. :)
    The weirdest thing of all is learning how design blogs got me into working with computer code and now my friends come to me with their computer issues...I can't even begin to explain how strange that is. ;)
    Thanks for the reminder.

  19. Great post!

    I do try to limit blog writing to Saturdays. That helps. But during the week, there's only so many blogs I can keep up with, so I try to read a few a day and sprinkle comments when I feel I have something to say.


  20. Emily,
    I agree, there's a bit of a learning curve with blogging at first and even as you go along. I haven't gotten into codes and stuff yet; one of these days I'll delve into that. It has been great connecting with new and old friends.

  21. Laura,
    That's a good way to put it, sprinkle comments! I've been doing that more lately as I've been super pressed for time.
    Thanks for coming by,

  22. I’m horrible with time management, but I always schedule at the very least one hour of writing time a day. At night after my son goes to bed is when I write my blog posts, but I usually don’t pre-write them. I jot down ideas for blog posts, though I write them the night before or morning of posting. I try and add two to three posts weekly. Then I also have to consider any side projects (like a magazine article, a contest entry, guest blog post, etc.) which is hard to do. And there is always the networking aspect: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is easy to update and keep up with everyone’s life/writing progress/release dates/etc, but Twitter is geared toward actual conversations, which I don’t always have time for. I try and pick out chat topics (my favorites are #writechat and
    #Scribechat) and only pop in for up to twenty minutes to an hour daily outside of those two scheduled chats.

  23. Lindsey,
    Will have to check out those chats, thanks for the heads up. It's interesting to see how we all manage our time. Many similarities, and some differences too, but we all seem to juggle no matter what our method is.
    Thanks for coming by!

  24. Loving these comments. I blogged about time management this week, too. Not that I gave any answers. That's why I'm here. ;)

  25. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for coming by and commenting. I don't profess to have any answers; am claiming the 'work in progress' excuse in that department!
    Happy weekend,


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