Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Do You Write?

Do you write at a desk, at the kitchen table, on the porch, or in the car? If you have a laptop maybe you do a little of each. Do you have a comfy little writing niche where you keep your writing resources and supplies close at hand? I usually write at my desk in my office. Although I rarely call it my office - it still goes by the name of 'Dave's room' since it belonged to my son David before he moved out. All my supplies are here, and I have a few stacks of current projects. It's my writing comfort zone, and although I often write elsewhere, this is where I like to work.

How do you like to write? Do you write things out in longhand or type it on the computer? If you're like me, this is dictated by where you are. I carry a little notebook with me all the time in case an idea strikes. I used to prefer to write things out by hand, then type them into the computer. But in recent years my preferred method is to type on my laptop. Easier to make revisions as I go, and less work, I suppose.

Does your writing niche inspire you? Do you have a wonderful view, or family photos on the wall? Or are you of the opinion that a wonderful view is too distracting?

Tell us about your writing comfort zone! What writing place inspires and keeps you going?

Happy writing!


  1. Well, I have a great office but prefer to take my laptop and sit in a cozy chair with my feet up in the corner of my bedroom where I can look into my backyard:)) Nice long sentence, huh? I also hate writing out longhand but do occasionally in a notebook when I am outlining. I write so badly that it's hard to read later.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Terri! I always like hearing how other writers like to work and what inspires them.

  3. Karen:
    I have a desktop computer in what was son's room. 13 months after we bought my first computer, son lost his job because the company closed. We share the computer.
    I used to write in longhand, because I did that starting out-then typing or inputing into the computer.
    The day after Labor Day, I received an Alpha Smart Neo. It's a portable word processor.
    I can input to it and then transfer it to my computer. We are going away this weekend. I plan on taking it with me, rather than a bag filled with writing materials.

  4. Cecelia, Thanks for stopping by:) Wondered how those little Neos were, and if real writers liked them! Guess I have my answer. Have a great trip. Blessings to you.

  5. Hi Karen -

    I have an office in my home. All of my work is done on a PC. Unlike many writers, carrying around a laptop never works for me.

    I need quiet and total concentration to get anything done. And...a two-to-three hour block of time doesn't hurt either!

    Susan :)

  6. Susan,
    Ah yes, that famous, but sometimes elusive block of time! Perhaps we should pass it around, when you are done with it, pass it to me, than I will pass it to Cecelia, who can pass it to Terri...:)

  7. Hi Karen,
    I'm a mechanical pencil girl, myself. I have a collection of them from Papermate with rubber grips and .7mm lead that are great. Any piece of paper will do. I love to start out with a new notebook, but often do more writing in the margins of my typed manuscripts than I actually do in the notebook. I even find myself writing around and upside down before I break down and get out the laptop. I'm not a bad typist...actually pretty good but I just need to actually 'write' something.
    My office is precisely 5'3"x3'4" behind the piano. In that 17.5 sf I have a comfortable chair, a book shelf, a side table made from my year's supply of copy paper and a neat little TV-type table my son made me to put my laptop on.
    On the other side of the piano is a small filing cabinet with my printer on top.
    When you have a large family, you take what you can get!

  8. Sounds great, Carol, nice that you have your own space. That is a blessing. Thanks for stopping by!:)

  9. I prefer to type my thoughts directly into a desktop computer. It flows smoothly and is much, much easier to edit and alter if needed! Once in a while I will write in a notebook, but I find that I get frustrated and feel stunted and clumsy. 90% of my writing is done at a small desk with a desktop pc. I sit in a pinkish-grey high-back desk chair with a window to my right looking out onto the front lawn. Technically when I am typing all I can see is a corner of the front porch and a couple bushes, but in leaning back I can take advantage of the view should I need a break from clackity-clacking. Typically I need a low level of outside distractions, and once I get into a zone things tend to fade into the background as my mind becomes absorbed. It's a release and therapeutic, but usually only lasts for short periods of time (10 minutes to an hour or two) before I feel I'm at the stopping point. Coincidentaly the room I use is also known as "Dave's room". Do you live nearby, maybe a desk away? ;)

  10. Becky, yes, I am only a desk away, with a view of different shrubs and such from the other angle out the window. But I can look in the corner and see this lovely girl typing away sometimes:)


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