Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Review: Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Bethany House

I love Kim Vogel Sawyer's books, so I was excited to get to read and review her newest, Fields of Grace. We meet Lillian and Reinhardt Vogt in the spring of 1872, right before they immigrate to America. Their plan is to escape their homeland of Russia before their oldest son, Henrik, is drafted into the military. Devout Mennonites, they cannot bear the thought of Henrik and his younger brothers being pressed into service. Reinhardt's adopted brother, Eli, decides to make the journey with them.

Their U.S. destination is Kansas, where others from their Russian village plan to make their home, too. But tragedy strikes while crossing the Atlantic, leaving Lillian and Eli with some unexpected choices. Do they continue on to Kansas and fulfill Reinhardt's dream, or do they return to Russia? How will their decisions affect Lillian's sons? And how will Lillian's heart fare through these trials?

Sawyer is one of my favorite storytellers, and there are no disappointments here. I liked Lillian immediately, and empathized with her trials - leaving her homeland, protecting her children, suffering hardship. The story, full of adventure and bittersweet moments, was a pleasure to read. I found a few surprises within these pages, but that's what made it so much fun to read. These surprises were all part of the plan for the heartwarming and satisfying conclusion Sawyer offers her readers. If you are a Sawyer fan, I think you'll like Fields of Grace. And if you've never read her books, I recommend that you give them a try!

Happy reading:)


  1. Hi Karen -

    Look at that - the husband's name is the same as my last name! Cool!

    Great review. How am I ever going to read all these books???

    Susan :)

  2. Hi Susan, Yes I thought of you with the name:) I am looking into getting more hours out of a day; will let you know when I figure it out!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind review, Karen. It is appreciated muchly. :o) God bless! ~Kim

  4. Kim, You are most welcome! I really enjoyed it:) Blessings!


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