Monday, July 13, 2009

Word Count Challenge

We all probably want to be more disciplined with our writing. A member of the Clear Creek Writers (my local writing group) shared this suggestion recently. This info was found on science fiction author Holly Lisle's website. I'm thinking about doing this, even if it isn't to work on a novel, but just for any writing I do. See what you think.

Holly is promoting an idea of joining her as she writes her next book. The idea is to maintain a daily word count. It might seem daunting, but every little word adds up. Before you know it, you have a novel.

Here's a summary of what Holly means by daily word count.

Beginners: Write your minimum of 250 words, five days a week.

Intermediate: Pace Holly. Each night she’ll post her word count for the day. That word count becomes your word count for the next day that you write.

Advanced: Pick your own word count, write five days a week and post your progress updates on her blog.

You take off on days when she’s off and you’ll likely finish your novel before her (since the typical novel is around 100,000 words and she’s going for triple that).

Visit Holly's site for more specifics.

I say let's go for it! You in? Going to keep my own log. Check up on me to keep me accountable...

Happy writing!

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