Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog Break...

Just a few announcements... 
Okay, remember that post back in October when I asked you to sell me on Twitter? I've been thinking about your input (which was very helpful, btw) and yes, I did it. I jumped back on. So if you use Twitter, look me up, will you? I'm KLELange. :)                                           

Most of you know that I teach online writing classes for homeschool students, grades 9-12, at the Homeschool Online Creative Writing Co-op. I'm offering sessions in Creative Writing, Flash Fiction, and Writing the Essay beginning on January 10, 2012. There are still openings, so if you or anyone you know are interested, click here for details.

The Coffeehouse for Writers is gearing up for the new year. Classes begin January 2, 2012 and include great workshops like Creating Characters, Writing Scenes, Blogging for Profit or Pleasure, Writing for Children, Social Media and more. Instructors include Jennifer Brown Banks, Kathryn Lay, Victoria Grossack, Sandra Kischuk, and Ayn Hunt, to name a few. Don't forget, yours truly teaches the Basic Boot Camp for Writers. Visit the Coffeehouse site for details.

Hope you are enjoying good times with friends and family. See you in 2012. :)

Happy New Year!


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  1. Hi Karen .. when I get on Twitter - I'll find you .. good luck with all those creative teaching/coaching classes ..

    Have festive end of year - cheers Hilary

  2. I am stubbornly dragging my feet with all things G4, Twitter, Kindle, etc. - - mostly because email & blogging and Facebook are about all I can handle as it is ...

    Enjoy your wrap to 2011 and a blessed new year!


  3. Alex,
    Yes, found you too! Looking forward to learning a lot about Twitter from you all!

    Yes, look me up when you do! Bear with me though, still learning the ropes. :) A festive end of year to you too!

    It is with much hesitation that I plunge back into Twitter...trying to simply my schedule in reality. Perhaps this will be counterproductive? lol

    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm not on twitter. But I am stopping by to wish you a blessed new year.

  5. Going to find you on twitter. :O)

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Been thinking of getting on board with twitter--it's going to be a new year after all, with new things to learn :-) I'll look you up when the time comes! Good luck with all you're involved in, and happy new year!

  7. Found you on Twitter--thanks for the follow! I'm still learning how to navigate it. I don't like it as well as FB; it seems like a huge commercial for everyone. I try to put encouraging quotes or Bible verses.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Ruth,
    Well, if you ever hop on, let me know! Thanks and blessings to you as well!

    Found you! Nice to connect with my friends there. :)

    Be sure and give me a shout if you get on, okay? :) Thanks so much!

    I still balk at social media stuff. But it's a necessary part of what we do. In the right and unobnoxious balance, I think. :)

    Happy New Year,

  9. I don't Twitter, but I will show up at the Coffee house to see what's going on! Blessings my friend!

  10. I'm on Twitter but I don't tweet. I'm going to drop you a line about these classes though! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  11. Karen, as you know, not only are we connected on Twitter, but I'm learning how to use hashtags! Happy New Year!

  12. It took me forever to get a Facebook page. I think Twitter would be the end of me. LOL Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  13. You've finally became a twitter-congrats!

  14. Hope you enjoy your classed. That will be so interesting teaching children and all.

    Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  15. Ive never tried twitter yet Karen, im kind of old school but maybe one day. Have yourself a very healthy and happy new years. And i hope you had a relaxing blog break when you return to blogging full time again. Richard

  16. Marja,
    Yes, look me up! It'll be fun. :)

    The Coffeehouse has a lot of great offerings. Hope you find one you like!

    Haven't tweeted much yet. We shall see how it goes. :)

    And Happy New Year to you too! :)

    You go girl! Will follow your lead on that one! :)

    Well, you do what you can do. I'm really still on the fence as to whether I will be into it or not.

    Are you on there? Look me up then, will you?

    The classes are always interesting, and I love to encourage my students! :)

    Hope you are having a good break as well!

    Happy New Year all,

  17. You've finally become a tweeter:) see you on twitter, Ms. Lange!

  18. Twitter intimidates me - hope you are burning it up there. Happy New Year.

  19. Clara,
    Not tweeting much yet, but getting there. Look me up, will you?

    It intimidates me too! But giving it a try...:)

    Happy New Year,

  20. Someday I really need to look into this Twitter thing. My daughter started using it to spread word about her business and she says she is starting to see some good results.

    Happy 2012!

    Wrote By Rote

  21. Tried to find you on twitter, but it's new to me too . . . I'm Tyreanify on twitter. I'll try again.

  22. An online class could be the ticket here in 2012. I'm heading over to the Coffeehouse. Hope your roll into 2012 was fun. Blessings.

  23. Lee,
    Still testing the Twitter waters, so we shall see. I have heard stories like your daughter's. Good for her!

    We finally connected there! Glad we did. Looking forward to your Tweets. :)

    Hope your NYE was fun too! Hope you find something good at the Coffeehouse!



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