Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's This and That

Happy December! It's hard to believe that 2011 is nearly over. Is it just me, or did the months fly by pretty quickly?

Have you met your writing goals for the year? If not, there is still a bit of time left. I have a few loose writing ends that I plan on wrapping up before the end of the year. Anyone care to join me?

Well, as promised, here is a bit of this and that. Perhaps one of these links will help inspire some end of the year writing.

In need of encouragement? Brian Klems article, How to Gain Perspective on Your Work might offer just the boost you need. He discusses the importance of stepping back, letting projects rest, and engaging in other therapeutic activities. Good stuff.

The Cincinnati Review welcomes submissions of poetry, prose, and nonfiction from writers of all levels. They pay $25-30 per submission.  Click here for details.

The First Line Literary Journal accepts four part stories using a first line that they provide. There is a line for each seasonal story. For example, spring's line is, "There are a few things you need to know before we start." They pay on publication. More info can be found here.

Freelance Writer Linda Formichelli, of The Renegade Writer blog, recently became certified as a Fitness Coach and offered free fitness coaching sessions to a limited number of people. I had the privilege of being chosen and found that Linda's not only a good writer, but a good coach.  Here are my thoughts on our session:

My session with Linda provided plenty of food for thought (no pun intended!) – from my fitness routine to my eating habits. Her questions challenged and motivated me to stretch in areas I hadn’t considered. She offered suggestions to help get back on track by building new and better habits. I appreciated her friendly style; she’s personable and immediately makes you feel at ease. She generated a healthy dialogue, allowing time to pause and consider without pressing me for immediate answers. I was hoping that our session would serve as a catalyst for a fresh start; I wasn’t disappointed. I came away with tools and info that I can implement to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  To learn more about Linda's Fitness Coaching, click here.

Here's a handy post by Nancy Ragno over on Jane Friedman's blog - 10 Phrases to Purge From Your Speech. Are alot, alright, and irregardless words we should use? Hop over and find out!

Author and fellow chocolate lover Emily Benedict is offering a free download of The Father Christmas Confessions. Check it out here.

Veteran freelance writer Jennifer Brown Banks is offering a new email service for writers called Jen's VIP Club. She offers info on blog gigs, insider's tips and tools, discounts on creative services, and more. Cost is $7 per month. Stop by Jennifer's blog for details.

What's on your plate this weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend, 

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  1. And people think I keep up with what's going on!
    Glad you got a lot out of your session with the fitness coach.

  2. Wow! you have supplied us with a month's worth of links!
    I am busy editing my romance,closing on my house and still getting things set up here in Texas:)

  3. Hi Karen .. lots missing out of my life - but one stage at a time .. I'm still going, still happy and still working - that's enough for me .. and planning forward ..

    Glad you're going to finish up most of your outstanding bits and bobs ..

    Thanks for the links - and yes - December is here already ..?! Cheers Hilary

  4. Good Morning Karen and Happy December!

  5. Can't believe how much time is flying! December is definitely here! We should meet for peppermint mocha before it's over!

    Thanks for all the links.

  6. Awesome! I am in the process of reading Emily's latest book. Great premise! :O)

  7. Lots of tidbits, thanks! I haven't thought about my New Years resolutions yet. Soon, though. :)

  8. Wow Karen, I don't know how you can keep up with what is going on in the writing world AND work on your writing goals. Thanks for all the great links.

  9. Wow, lots of good stuff, Karen. Thank you! And very cool about the fitness coach. That sounds like an awesome career! :)

  10. You've given us lots of great links to go to, thanks! As for meeting the year's goals? I've met some, fallen short on others, but also gained bunches more ideas I want to pursue, too. Is there a link to adding more hours to the day? I do love the idea of a fitness coach, though. Glad she was so helpful for you:-)

  11. Alex,
    Well, I get a lot of emails chock full of info, you see...:)

    That was the plan, to keep you all busy! lol Hope it is helpful!

    Yes, one stage at a time, one day at a time. That's all we can do, and all we are called to do, I think! Hang in there and have a good weekend! :)

    Happy December to you too! :)

    I know, it's already over two months since we've gotten together. We must fix that! :)

    I need to get a copy of Emily's other book too. Glad you are enjoying it!

    Oh yes, resolutions. I think there needs to be a category of them for the things you didn't get done the previous year, lol!

    Well, I do need to buckle down and get on some of those writing goals! :)

    Thanks so much. I know, fitness coach does sound interesting. Maybe someday I will look into it! :)

    I'm with you, some goals met, others not. Work in progress I say, it helps me keep a good perspective to move ahead!


  12. I spent some time looking at the Cincinnati submission guidelines. Curious - have you submitted there before?

    And lucky you, a fitness coach? The Mister and I are exercising together (new for us) in an effort to not let it all go to pot over the winter months. Yes, we are. :)

    Otherwise, just preparing for the season and for our Christmas trip.

    Hope you get everything done that really needs to be finished, friend.

    Waving and grinning,


  13. This holds a great source of useful info. Thanks, Karen. I appreciate you putting this all together. Sure makes my hectic December easier. I promised myself I'd have my next ms ready for my publisher. I'm 11 chapters away from being ready.

    Nice feeling.

  14. Your blog is like an early Christmas gift! Lots of great links here. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Joylene,
    You are welcome, hope some of it is useful! Congrats on being nearly done with your manuscript!

    You are welcome. Hope they come in handy!

    Happy weekend,

  16. The year did fly by swiftly, Karen. Have a lovely weekend.

  17. I'm playing catch up. Been a crazy busy year and I need to slow down and catch up on everything so I don;t start out 2012 on the wrong foot.

  18. Thank you for all the info. I hope the new year has me looking into some of those avenues of writing opportunities.

  19. Yes, very hard to believe December is here! I'm still back at Nov. 11. But, I always enjoy the season.

    Will check out the Cincinnati Review. Have you ever written for it?


  20. Rachna,
    It sure did! You have a great weekend too! :)

    Playing catch up here too, but seems I always am. Need to rethink my schedule or something...:)

    You are welcome! Hope something sparks an idea for you. :)

    I know it! Where did the year go anyway? No, I've not written for the review but I may check it out for 2012.

    Happy weekend all,

  21. Lots of great links, thank you!

    I hit many of my goals but not all. Still, the ones that were the most (seemingly) unachievable ones, I got, so I can't complain. :)

  22. I will bookmark this post and come back to it and the wonderful links you've provided when I have more time. That's the story of my life lately, but things will slow down a bit in about a week.

    Studying for two major tests and a local arts festival are on my plate for this weekend. Hope yours is a good one.

  23. Lydia,
    That's good. And well, ahem, you got a book contract this year...I would say that's a goal met, right? Congrats!

    Walk to Write,
    Hope these links are helpful! Wishing you the best with your studying. Enjoy the festival too!

    Happy weekend,

  24. I too have been trying to work out as I try to heal. And you know I did well with my ideas.

    I'm doing an Emily post on Monday. (I'm still technically on break and will be for another week or two.)

    Thanks for all the linkage. (((Hugs)))

    I heart you amigo.

  25. Hope that you and your family Karen had a very nice Thanksgiving, and yes this year really went by so quick! Richard

  26. Hi Robyn,
    Yes, you did great! I think you earned a nice long break. Don't forget, when that ship comes in, amigo...:)

    We did have a nice Thanksgiving, thanks so much! Hope you did too!


  27. Thank you for the links, Karen! This weekend I have a list about a mile long, but I'm getting there. Slowly. :)

  28. Nope not met my writing goals this year, though admittedly they did keep changing as I realised I should do more research and reading, so I have met some of them. As for blogging goals, I've had less time to follow others and comment, so apols for my absence.
    Great post and thanks for the links.

  29. Some great stuff here. I kicked over to holiday preparation and my blog is the only writing that gets attention. I'll have to 'favorite' link this for January when the quiet descends. Happy Holidays!

  30. Talli,
    You are welcome! Hope you got a lot accomplished! :)

    Good to see you! No apologies necessary! I haven't been making my usual rounds. Busy times, yes?

    Yes, I know what you mean. Lots happening around here too. Have fun!


  31. Nice blog.



  32. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for stopping by and following! Good to meet you!


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