Monday, November 2, 2009

Email Adventures

I recently got locked out of my hotmail account. Apparently it was a widespread glitch, as others encountered the same problem. One minute I had access to my account, the next, I did not.

My hotmail account is a primary email address that I have used for over 10 years. Let's just say I did not weather this storm without a measure of frustration, and yes, a bit of anxiety. I tried all the help options, spent hours on the net trying to find solutions, and changed my password, cleared my cache, cookies, and checked for viruses. Still locked out. The automated responses from the help desk sent me in circles. I scrambled to remember addresses and touch base with contacts through my other email addresses. Finally, after four days, they said that they'd verified my account and gave me access again. They apologized for the delay, as they normally respond in 24 hours, but with a high volume of other users experiencing the same issues, they were backed up. I was back on, hooray!

Thankfully, I did not miss anything monumental while I was locked out. I had to wade through over 300 emails, but got back on track in a short time. I have to admit that I learned some valuable lessons - like keeping a list of my email contacts elsewhere. I also learned that it's a good idea to change passwords every so often, using these tips for a more secure password. I was also reminded that you shouldn't use the same password for every account you have, whether email, for online shopping or banking, or other kind of account.

Finally, I was reminded that this was just a little thing in my life's big picture; I managed to get through the week without using that account. Funny how the Lord uses little things to teach us things and smack some perspective back into our lives. I'm thankful that He was patient with me while I scaled this little trial. He is good!

Had any little perspective aligning adventures lately? :)



  1. This isn't recent, but my phone was stolen last spring. I lost all my numbers and had no way to replace them all. Now I store them in Skype as well. That way I can always find them. I'm not a phone person anyway, but only having a handful of numbers in the phone book is humbling!

  2. Hi Kristin, Ah yes, technology is a wonderful thing, until something like this happens! Hmm, I need to give some thought to storing my cell phone numbers elsewhere. I have some recorded, but others are only in the cell phone. Great tip, thanks:)

  3. I can identify with your frustration, Karen! I typically type my blog posts in Word before copying and pasting them as a new post. The last couple of times I've tried to do this, my computer won't let me. Argh! This forces me to e-mail the document to myself, open it on my laptop and proceed from there. I'm just thankful it works on my laptop!! God IS so good!! :)

  4. Maria,
    I've had interesting things like that happen to me too. The fun just never ends:) But it does keep us on our toes and on our way to being perfected! Thanks for stopping.

  5. Karen:
    When I have techno-woes. I get anxious and have sometimes wound up with a techno-headache. Then, I realize it was a comma instead of a dot in the address or I hadn't really made contact with the alpha character key. Then I feel silly.

  6. Cecelia, I like that term 'techno-woes'! I've had plenty of those moments when I feel silly, sort of my 'duh' moments. I'm often glad no one is around to witness them:)

  7. I'm sure you remember my computer woes. This girl is not one to suffer in silence.

    Like you, I learned some vital lessons, including where all my writing time disappeared. My second manuscript got its start during this hiatus from the Internet.

    Susan :)

  8. I do remember your challenges, Susan, but I don't recall any whining:) Where would we be if we were without challenges and completely perfect. Life would be kinda boring, I think. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Mmmmmm frustrating stuff! Isn't it funny how we're so cool and mellow and feeling like we handle things so well - until a glitch throws our whole plan off and we go gasping and scrambling for the safety net. Thankfully God cares!

  10. You are right, Becky, and you got to witness some of my gasping and scrambling too. Possibly qualifies as a small meltdown...:)


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