Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dawn's Prelude Book Review

Dawn's Prelude by Tracie Peterson
Bethany House Publishers

Recently widowed Lydia Gray is not sad; she is actually relieved that her late husband Floyd cannot torment her any longer. Lydia's marriage was a business arrangement between her father and Floyd, a practice not uncommon in 1870 in Kansas City. She is surprised to learn that she inherited Floyd's entire estate. Determined to break free from any ties to Floyd's greedy and insensitive adult children, she secretly makes plans to move to Sitka, Alaska, where Aunt Zerelda, her only remaining relative, lives.

A bit of intrigue ensues as Lydia makes her way to Sitka where she finds herself in the arms of Kjell Lindquist. Literally! Kjell catches Lydia right off the boat, sick and worn from her travels. The plot thickens as Lydia fights her way out of a web of bitterness and distrust from the treatment she received at Floyd's hands. Will Zerelda's gentle faith speak to Lydia? Will Lydia accept this new land as her own? Will Kjell have any part in Lydia's future? And what of Floyd's family, will their greed drive them to drastic measures?

The beauty of the Alaskan territory comes alive in Ms. Peterson's latest book. I have yet to find a book of hers that I disliked. She is a wonderful story teller; her stories have depth and an eternal message. Check this one out; adventure and surprises await!

Happy Reading:)

Bethany House provided this book free of charge for review purposes.


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