Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  

For those who have served/currently serve in the military, 

thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

My family and I appreciate it! 

Do you have any Memorial Day plans? 

What projects are you working on this summer?

Have a great week!  

Happy writing, 


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  1. Hi Karen - we remember with you ... though our major commemoration is in November at the end of World War One - ninety nine years ago this year. We remember though and all who have lost loved ones ... with thoughts - Hilary

  2. Yes, thank you. We are flying our flag high today.

  3. Hi Karen,
    My brother is here from out of town, and we are celebrating his birthday. Already, too much cake and yummy tasting stuff that will stick to my hips. Enjoy your long weekend.

  4. We put out our flags around our rock garden. We decorated graves of loved ones. Our son decorated the graves of Hubby's parents down where he lives. I subscribe to this lady's blog. This is what she shared with us., It gave me a lot to consider. Peace and blessings for you and yours.

  5. A time to remember our brave fallen who gave it all to protect our freedoms.
    Blessings, Karen!

  6. Hilary,
    Yes, we have much to be thankful for no matter where we live - as far as the great sacrifices made by those who serve.:) Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    It's a good day to do so! And to remember and express our thanks. :)

    Have a wonderful celebration with your brother! Family time is a good thing. :)

    Sounds like you are celebrating and remembering well. Will check out the link, thank you! :)

    Yes, indeed - we have much to be grateful for, don't we? :) Blessings to you as well!

    Have a great week,

  7. I did take advantage of having Monday off, so I'm doing on Tuesday what I usually do on Mondays. I love holidays, but I hate being behind. I'm glad you gave thanks to those who served and who are serving.

  8. So appreciative of everyone who has served for us!

    I had to work on Memorial Day- but it was a little quieter than usual so I got some some work done. :)

  9. Lee,
    I'm a little backed up this week too, although it was nice to have a lighter day on Monday. :) I respect those who serve, as well as their families.

    Yes, it is a great sacrifice! Glad you got a little work done! :)

    Happy weekend,


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