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Meet the Blogger with Lynda R. Young

As you might have guessed, I had the privilege of meeting Lynda R. Young through blogging. W.I.P. It, her blog, is a great source of writing and social media tips and other writer-ly topics. This smart and talented Australian author has a new devotional book out entitled Cling to God. I'm excited to have Lynda here this week to share her wisdom and experience with us.

Welcome Lynda! Congratulations on your new book! Why did you start blogging? What is your blog about? 

Thank you, Karen! I had written a collection of devotionals and wanted to get them published but was told I needed a platform. So I started my 'Fearfully and Wonderfully' blog which covered lots of devotional, inspiration thoughts. I loved blogging so much that I started a second blog about writing, called 'WIP It'. I failed to build a big enough platform to traditionally publish my devotional and I started to write fiction so I moved to my writing blog full time. The funny thing is, I never gave up on my devotional. It seemed a tragedy for it to be sitting in a drawer doing nothing so I sent it out again and to my absolute shock it was accepted with open arms. I guess it's all about God's perfect timing. 

You're right, God's timing is never wrong. :) What benefits have you gained through blogging? 

There are so many benefits to blogging. It's a joy to write and share articles for my blog, to help others in their pursuit to get published, to help others promote their books. But I've also met life-long friends. I've met some truly amazing, inspiring people. Sure, I've built up a semi-decent platform which helps to promote my work, but I don't do it for that anymore. That's just a side bonus. 

The people, I agree - what a blessing! And a great bonus. What prompted you to write your new book, Cling to God? 

Cling to God didn't start as a book idea. It started as a quick jotting of some random thoughts I came up with after reading some verses in the Bible. Writing my thoughts out helped me clarify my understanding of the Bible. I started to gather so many that an inkling of an idea formed. I had enough for about seven months of daily devotionals. All I had to do was to keep writing them and I'd have a whole year's worth of devotionals. They needed to be shared. 

I'm glad you kept at it, for you're right, good thoughts should be shared. What might people be surprised to learn about you? 

I like chocolate. No, wait, everyone knows I like chocolate. I'm a massive geek. I love sci-fi and fantasy and games. I do more than just write. If it's a creative pursuit, then I more than likely have a hand in it. I paint, draw, do digital art, animations, photography, compose music, design and develop games, edit, and so forth. I'm somewhat busy. 

Wow, then I guess you're rarely bored! :) What advice would you share with a newbie blogger? 

Blog because you love sharing your thoughts and passions, not because someone told you you should. Don't blog in isolation. Get out there and visit other bloggers. Be a part of the community, and the rewards will be huge. 

Great advice, Lynda. So glad you stopped by to see us. Wishing you much success!

Cling to God: A Daily Devotional
by Lynda R. Young

Published by Freedom Fox Press

Cling to God in the chaos of life…

Cling to God is a book of devotionals for every day of the year. The aim is to encourage Christians in their faith, to help them think about their beliefs and learn more about God. The devotions are short and inspirational so that people with busy lifestyles will still be able to spend time with the Lord each day. It will appeal to a wide Christian audience, to those new in their faith as well as those matured beyond milk and honey.

More About Lynda

Lynda R Young writes devotionals, articles, and speculative short stories. In her spare time she is also an editor, game developer, artist, and dabbles in photography and all things creative. She lives in Australia with her sweetheart of a husband. You can find her here: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads

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Do you have any questions for Lynda? What do you read for inspiration? What are you reading this week?

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Karen. You are a gem.

  2. I already knew you were a geek - no surprise there! That's what makes you cool.

  3. Yes, I knew that about you too. I really like chocolate too! Congrats on your new book, Lynda!

  4. Lynda,
    You are welcome. It's my pleasure! We'll have to do this again. :)

    She is cool! Lynda's extremely talented too! :)

    Glad you stopped by to see Lynda. :) I probably should have stocked up on chocola for her visit! :)

    Happy writing,

  5. How nice to meet you, Lynda, and learn about your book. Congratulations! You persevered and are reaping the reward, an inspiration for all of us. =0)

  6. Thank you for featuring Lynda and her wonderful book!

  7. Susan,
    So glad you got to meet Lynda! I had a feeling you'd like her. :) I agree, she is an inspiration.

    You are welcome! It's a pleasure to have her visit. I think Freedom Fox Press made a good choice to publish this book. :)

    Happy writing,

  8. Hi Linda and Karen! I love these interviews, it gives me so much hope. I love your attitude about blogging Karen. To do it because you love it, not because someone told you to. I feel like I have met wonderful people in the blogging world (including Karen!), it's really the best part about writing on-line.
    Best of blessings on your devotional, yay that it got published!

  9. Lynda, I'm so sorry I spelled your name wrong!

  10. Geeks aren't only very special, and kewl, they're genuine and kind. You fit all those and more, Lynda. Thank you for featuring one of the nicest bloggers I know, Karen. Hope you both have a super great day.

  11. Wow! I'm amazed by all the creative endeavors you do!
    I also love the amazing people I've met via blogging, like you and Karen!

  12. Hey Lynda. Glad you went back into the fray and got your inspiring book published.

  13. Thanks for allowing us to get to know Lynda better Karen! I've so enjoyed her photography as well as her blog, and I really appreciated her thoughts on blogging, especially that the 'side-bonus' is building the platform. It's the inspiration and people that are the main bonus. Thanks for being an inspiration Karen and Lynda!

  14. Alex, geek=cool. I love how the world has changed.

    Natalie, chocolate is the best!

    Karen, I'd love to do it again, especially once I have a proper internet connection and replying and visiting doesn't take forever and a tea break.

    Susan, Thanks. Wonderful to meet you too!

    Diane, thanks again for making it all possible!

    Ceil, the blogging community is awesome. And no worries about the spelling.

    Joylene, I love your take on geeks. And thank you so much for your kind words.

    Tyrean, these type of interviews not only surprise others, but myself too, because I don't generally think about what exactly I do. I just do it because it's creative. And then I think, oh yeah, that's a bit of a list.

    Sheena-kay, so am I

    Juneta, thanks.

    Lynn, you yourself are in the number of people who inspire me greatly.

  15. Yay, Lyn! I completely agree that blogging in isolation is silly. Honestly. We're on this earth to connect with other people. We should totally do it.

    And hey, I didn't know you were a composer too! *high five*

  16. Joylene,
    Yes and amen to what you said! It was my pleasure to host Lynda this week. :)

    Appreciate you coming by, and so glad you got to meet Lynda. You are an inspiration as well! :)

    Lynda is a wonder, isn't she? :) So blessed to get to call you a friend as well.

    I'm with you, and I'm sure many others are happy Lynda's book is out! :)

    Glad you enjoyed the interview! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

    You are welcome! Appreciate your sweet and kind words. It's such a pleasure to be part of this great community, isn't it? :)

    Sorry about the timing on this with your move and all. I can relate just a bit; have had company and am way behind on, well, everything. Feel free to come here and use my internet! :)

    Yeah, what is the point of blogging if only alone? Seems kind of counterproductive, I agree. :)

    Happy writing,

  17. Crystal, I know right? Crazy.

    Karen, I would love to be able to use your internet. My provider decided to be really 'helpful' and connect us to our old place and charge us for the privilege. Still not properly connected to our new place and I'm rapidly running out of data on my phone. Eeek!

  18. Congrats Lynda! I hope your Internet problems clear up soon.

  19. Lynda, with all the things you enjoy doing, it's amazing you find time to write. I think Cling to God will be a perfect Christmas gift for some people on my list. Congratulations.

  20. Lynda,
    Come on by! I have snacks. :)

    Thanks for coming to see us! :)

    I agree, Lynda's book would make a good gift! :)

    Happy writing,


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