Monday, January 18, 2016

Your Turn!

As you know, I often feature my writer/blogging friends through announcements, interviews, and book spotlights. Since it would take years to get to everyone, I came up with an alternative. How about a mini interview right now? 

If you are game, kindly answer one or more of these questions in the comments: 

  • What's the craziest thing you've ever done? 
  • Favorites - Coffee? Tea? Chocolate? Vanilla? 
  • When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
  • What's the best writing/other advice you've ever been given?    

Don't be shy - it'll be fun to get to know you better!  :)

Have a great week! 

Happy writing, 

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  1. I'd have to pick coffee over chocolate because I'm an addict. But that's a hard choice. Fun mini-interview.

  2. Favorites - Coffee? Tea? Chocolate? Vanilla? I can't stand coffee and rarely drink tea - water is my beverage of choice.
    When did you know you wanted to be a writer? When I polished my first book and started sending it out? Not sure I've actually made that decision yet@
    What's the best writing/other advice you've ever been given? Best overall advice was to support others. It's more satisfying to promote and cheer on others than myself.

  3. Natalie,
    Glad you liked it! It's nice to learn more about our online friends, isn't it? Thanks for sharing. :)

    I like that advice - "support others". You are the model for all of us in that regard! :) Appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

    happy writing,

  4. Hi Karen - I got your email .. I'll be replying shortly. Number 1 - get two school friends to get out of the train in Austria straight on to the track, as the platform didn't reach ... we were at the right place - just somewhat surprised everyone by being where we were ... I shouldn't think it could happen now-a-days ... also it's quite an upmarket resort .. in those days it was an unknown ski place.

    Depends on the time of day - but not vanilla. I didn't know still I started blogging. I think the comments from my blogging friends keep me going and encourage me to keep going ...

    Cheers Hilary

  5. What a fun idea! My favorite beverage at the moment is coffee. My favorite flavor is lemon.

  6. Hilary,
    Will keep an eye out for that email, thanks! Well, that does sound like it was an adventure for sure! LOL I'm with you, the comments and friends you make do keep you going.

    I've so many blogging friends, and with a once weekly posting schedule, I just knew I couldn't get to everyone any time soon. So glad you shared! :)

    Happy writing,

  7. Fun idea Karen... so, 2 cups of coffee is enough for me, after that: tea, green tea. When it comes to writing, I scribbled notes in a journal before I was able to walk, so the Father put it in me. It took a long time before I discovered the reason why :)

  8. Lost my first attempt somewhere in the cloud...

    Craziest thing- maybe everything I did was crazy - or maybe none of them. Might just be a down to earth humdrum sort of person. Mind you I did take up Blogging, does that count?

    Start the day with tea, then coffee and finally before bed- more tea. A hot chocolate after a brisk winters walk.

    As a 8-9 year old. Was my secret. When it leaked out- was made fun of. Took me till a few years back to recover.

    Best advice: Keep on keeping on. Maybe one day bundling some of the best works...who knows.

    Thanks Karen. Was fun.


    1. Anita,
      Blogger does that sometimes, doesn't it? Thanks for sticking with it! :) Good to learn more about you. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Vanilla all the way!
    I knew I wanted to be a writer when I found out my book idea had merit. That people were interested in what I had to say about that. That was a whole new concept to me!
    Some (not sure if best) writing advice - BIC! (Butt in chair) I'm so easily distracted that I need a reminder to stay focused.

  10. Hi Karen! I have done so many crazy things, I should write a book...and then set fire to it!
    Love coffee. It's my go-to drink, although in the evening, a good cup of tea hits the spot.
    I never really knew about the writing thing, I believe that I was told to do it.
    Best advice: there are no new ideas. Just add your perspective. Be honest, and you'll always make an impact.
    Now. How about you Karen??

  11. Ha! Hard to nail down one answer for three of these! Number one makes me think I need to get crazier! I love coffee and chocolate, always wanted to be a writer since I read my first book, and best writing advise was 'don't stop writing!'

  12. Susan R.,
    Well, I couldn't have said it better! LOL :) I guess if it's wrapped in purple foil, even better, right?

    Susan P.,
    It's interesting how we all got into writing, isn't it? I like that advice; like you, I can be easily distracted! :) Plus, the nature of my work and family situation is that I am often interrupted for good reason, so have to shift gears a lot, then get back on task. Not easy for a "routine" kind of girl like me.

    Hi! Ha - well, the fire thing, I hear you. Have done some interesting things myself over the years. :) That is good advice- no new ideas, just your perspective. That's what makes it personal and appealing for our readers, right? Thank for asking about me - I am a dark chocolate fan and go for tea rather than coffee. Best writing advice - "Call yourself a writer" - a friend and mentor told me this early on and it helped tremendously.

    Well, it's okay if you have more than one answer! I like chocolate and vanilla, so it depends on what it is and the circumstances. For instance, I love dark chocolate, but am partial to vanilla ice cream with apple pie. :) "Don't stop writing" is excellent advice!

    Happy writing,

  13. Thanks for the mini interview. Great list of questions. I have alway enjoyed writing stories and making my own books. My mother was a librarian and so that was an influence. I love hot strong but milky tea, a good cup of proper ground coffee once a day, dark chocolate and vanilla in some things.Writing advice is not to doubt yourself; believe in yourself; keep reading. Thank you Karen :O)

  14. Madeleine,
    You are most welcome! It's nice to get to know you a little through our "interview". :) Your mom was a librarian - what fun that must have been for you! I do like your writing advice, good points, all.

    Now somehow I suspected that you were a tea kind of girl! :) Can't beat a good cup of tea, can you? I'm with you in that department!

    Happy writing,

  15. What a cool idea! I'm in. Here goes:

    What's the craziest thing you've ever done? I got a tattoo! That may not sound crazy to everyone, but it was crazy for me.

    Favorites - Coffee? Tea? Chocolate? Vanilla? Coffee, definitely, and chocolate. Together? Mocha magic.

    When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Always. From the moment I learned the alphabet.

    What's the best writing/other advice you've ever been given? Stephen King---Amateurs wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get to work.

  16. Craziest thing? I was a bit of a wild child when I was a teen (although I never got in trouble and got great grades), so it would have to be the time I snuck out of my house and spent the night partying with my boyfriend and his friends. (Don't judge me.)

    Love coffee, hot tea, and vanilla. I no longer eat chocolate. (And no, I don't crave it at all.)

    I knew I wanted to be a writer when at age 13 I picked up a copy of Anne McCaffrey's White Dragon and started reading it.

    Best advice - never give up on your dream.

  17. Like so many others, chocolate is my choice--though coffee is a close second. I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was in elementary school and my teacher submitted one of my poems to the local paper. And best advice? "Write something every day, even if it's only ten words." Don't always follow that advice, but I get closer to my goal with that advice than without! Fun mini-interview :-)

  18. Hi Karen! You are so sweet to always be thinking of others.

    I'll answer about the drinks. For me, COFFEE. Strong and luscious. I love it with half and half but got the fat-free kind this week. It's still good but not quite as good. I'm a Dunkin Donuts as opposed to Starbucks coffee drinker. The latter brew I find too bitter. But oh boy, a cup of Dunkin's joe makes me smile. Think I'll go get some right now. (: Susan

  19. Craziest thing... Moving to NYC 8 months pregnant with 2 little ones while trying to get a musical on Broadway. Does it get much crazier than that? And as hard as it was, that proved to be one of the best learning experiences of my life. (But you won't find me going back any time soon.)

  20. I love chocolate. In high school I wanted to be a writer after falling in love with books.

  21. Lisa,
    You are one wild and crazy girl! LOL Yeah, a tattoo would be crazy for me too. I like King's advice - it is very good! :)

    I didn't know you were kind of a wild child! Although now that you mention it, that "spunk on a stick" thing makes more sense! :)

    It seems many of us had teachers who provided inspiration. My English Lit teacher in high school told me I was a good writer, so that went a long way for me. :) Glad you enjoyed the interview!

    Susan W.,
    Somehow I thought you might be a coffee girl. I've heard Starbucks coffee is pretty bitter (even though I don't drink it). My daughter loves Dunkin Donuts coffee too! :)

    Yeah, well that does sound a little crazy! But everything we do gets us to where we are now, right? :)

    Chocolate can provide inspiration, can't it? :) It seems us writers have that loving books thing in common!

    Happy writing,

  22. I looked over the list and realized I'm soooo boring. I would only pick coffee because I can't stop eating chocolates once I start.

  23. Chiming in last - as usual. Working on book edits, but popped in because Karen, you always get me thinking. Love my coffee, chocolate is okay (I'm not addicted), I danced on a picnic table once, and I wanted to be a writer in high school. Only took me 40+ years to get there, but I've been at it for 15 or so. Love the other responses! Have a super weekend. =0)

  24. Joylene,
    You are not boring! Not by any stretch of the imagination. How can a writer of thrillers be such? :) You sound like me in the chocolate department. You friend, have been a great encouragement to me, and that is definitely not boring!

    No worries at all! As my mom used to say, "Better late than never". Besides my posts are meant to stay fresh for a whole week! :) So you danced on a picnic table once, eh? You are one crazy chick! LOL You have a super weekend too, and stay warm!

    Happy weekend,

  25. Hi Karen,
    I knew I wanted to be a writer when I learned to read Dick and Jane books. I wanted to embellish their stories. I like chocolate, and peach tea, hot or cold is my favorite beverage.

  26. Thanks for asking, Karen. The best advice I ever got was on Goodreads, to find beta readers and an editor to go through your work before you publish. Invaluable advice for new authors.

  27. This seems like such a fun idea!

  28. Luccia,
    You are welcome! It's fun to learn more about everyone. :) That is good advice. Glad you shared!

    It's fun to get to know everyone a little better! :)

    Happy writing,

  29. Linda,
    I never thought about embellishing the Dick/Jane stories! What a fun idea! :) Peach tea really hits the spot sometimes, doesn't it? :)
    Happy writing,


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