Monday, February 10, 2014

Got Creativity?

Where's your creativity level at these days? Do chilly winter days or warmer seasons inspire you? Or do the ideas flow 365 days a year?

No matter when, where, and how those ideas roll, we all hit a lull once in a while. It's times like these that resources from the My Creative Team can help. Their blog THINKing offers inspiration for writers, artists, and well, everyone. Here are a few examples:

  • Find apps and links to get creative juices flowing in 11 Creativity Tools to Kickstart Your 2014. These interesting and fun ideas encourage us to think outside the box. I don't know about you, but sometimes I think inside the box too much.

  • How about insight that reaches beyond the writing desk? For example, in 27 Ways to Be More Creative #17 tells us to "Take a Nap". I'm in! How about you?

  • Modification can solve problems. But you already knew that, right? Creativity can get a boost, as illustrated in this post, Modify It For Creativity. I'm thinking many an inventor from years gone by learned this principle. What do you think?

What stirs your creativity?

Happy writing,


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  1. Many of my ideas come from dreams, so a nap would work.

  2. Oh, goodness. Mine can flare anywhere, at any time. But the folks I live with certainly are good at sparking it. :D

    And, of course, friends like you who know where the good resources are. Thanks for your help!

  3. I can always come up with stuff if I can get some time to myself and a little quiet. Of course finding the time in my house is something of a challenge.

    Moody Writing

  4. Diane,
    Now see, I knew a nap could offer benefits!:)

    I thought maybe you might!:)

    I would say, you have a live in creative department! You are welcome! :)

    I'm the same way. But sometimes it can be busy around here. Wondering if the library might be a good place
    to take my laptop and write...:)

    Happy writing,

  5. Hi Karen...I get creativity from the world-at-large. It might be a ray of sunshine making "diamonds" on the snow, a piece of colored glass in a window, a baby smiling with her entire being, and so on. There is just so much to see, touch and smell in the world-----the inspiration is all around us! Susan

  6. 'My Creative Team' is new to me, Karen, so thanks for linking to such an interesting site :-) I like the nap idea, too (ha!) but have found that dabbling in poetry stirs creativity. At least it gives me an excuse to play with words...

  7. Thanks for the links. I'm not sure where my creativity originates, to be honest. My brain is on "go" all the time. lol

  8. Susan,
    You have a wonderful eye and imagination too! Your posts often inspire my creativity, whether with writing or around the house. :) I agree, it is all around us.

    You are welcome. Happy to share - just thought they had an interesting site. :) I should give poetry a try for that very reason. Thanks for the tip!

    LOL - yes, my brain is always going too. There are ideas aplenty, but sometimes not in the right direction at the right time! :)

    Happy writing,

  9. What a wonderful post! I look forward to checking out the links you shared because is is always important to keep those creative juiced flowing. I love the idea of a nap to be more creative! Yeah! I tend to spend more time in nature when I need to be more creative. I also find drawing helps me to write. :)

  10. I'll check out the links. I knew naps were good for other reasons.

  11. My creativity is always active, but my energy level doesn't always match up.

  12. Loved Alex's answer. I'm creative. My problem is I sometimes get too busy to use it.

  13. Nature stirs my creativity! Very much. I went on a winter hike Sunday and felt my creative juices flow.

  14. Jess,
    I love your enthusiasm! It is contagious, thank you. ;) I like how mediums overlap - like how drawing helps you write.

    Who knew naps had so many perks, right? :) I'm definitely in!

    You are a wonder when it comes to writing and submitting. You should teach a class! :)

    LOL - yeah, I thought he might like apps! I'm the same way, get tangled in the everyday and distracted. :)

    Where did you hike? Must have been refreshing! Your blog reflects that too, love it! :)

    Happy writing,

  15. Thanks for the links. I try to do things like this once in a while because it makes me get at my writing from other angles.

  16. Ooo, linkage to click on. I like that! Thank you, amigo. Hahahaha, Alex cracked me up. :-)

    I'm thinkin' a good nights sleep would help. I've been reading Stein On Writing. I've had the book about three years and just happened to see it on a table. I hadn't even read it. Such a great writing book. xoxo

  17. Hi Karen - I've kept this to re-look at .. I need to add to my limited knowledge base and will look through the links .. thanks for the ideas. Thankfully I don't have to worry about finding interesting ideas - I just somehow have to concentrate on a few things ... but I will as I have projects I want to pursue ..

    Cheers Hilary

  18. Being around and knowing creative people always gets my jets going. Love the links!

  19. Cheese. (Bet you didn't see that one coming. ;) Actually music gets me the most, or a really stunning or unique graphic. I'm such a visual and audio type person, it only takes a little stimulation and my brain is on fire. My mom used to come to me whenever she needed an idea. In fact, until recently, it was impossible to max out the creative side of my brain...until publication and promotion came along. Now I'm not sure I have a brain left. Do you ever feel that way?

  20. Hi Karen! I always seem to put myself under pressure to watch, watch, watch. I might find something to write about. But I usually don't. What inspires me are memories! So I should just get busy with my life, because someday soon, I'll remember and use what I saw.

    I hope to check out your links. A girl can't be too careful :) I don't want to pass by other ways to be inspired!

  21. Reading good books inspires me more than anything else. Thanks for the great links!

  22. Music, nature, great writing, prayer, and cats. Oh, and dark chocolate!

  23. Theresa,
    Good for you. I need to get into the habit of doing these things more often too. :)

    Yeah, about that good night's sleep, too! Sometimes though, it is fun to be emailing your amigo into the wee hours of the morning...:)

    I think your knowledge base is anything but limited! Your posts reflect all kinds of wonderful info and brain power, I'm thinking! :)

    Susan S.,
    Oh you are so right! And before you know it, great minds think alike! :)

    Whoa - cheese - now where did that come from? LOL :D Love the idea that your Mom came to you. You are creative, that's for sure! My kids are my go to creative panel still. :)

    You know, I think we can stress ourselves out when we work too hard at anything, including trying to be creative. I think relaxing and stressing less is key. I also agree, that memories provide great inspiration! :)

    Oh yes, I'd have to agree. They are a wonderful inspiration! :)

    I'm with you with the dark chocolate! And many of the others too. :)

    Happy writing,

  24. What stirs my creativity?

    Routine. My youngest has just started the school year here in Australia. (My older two go back to university next month) and having our family schedule return to what it looks like most of the year, means I am back to normal, too. I write while the kids are at school, so while I love to rest over summer, I relish the end of hot days and the restoration of my writing diary dates,

    Blessing to you,

  25. Going out for a walk and people-watching stir my creativity. Music and reading do as well.

    Thanks for asking! I'm checking out the links you reference now...

  26. Dotti,
    A routine can be so helpful, can't it? There's something comforting about it, I think. Wishing you many wonderful writing sessions! :)

    The ideas are just all around us, aren't they? I think they involve all the senses - am very glad for that! Hope you enjoy the links. :)

    Happy weekend,


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