Monday, July 15, 2013

The Bucket List

A friend's family is planning a surprise celebration for her upcoming birthday. Their plan includes items from her bucket list, and sounds like a lot of fun.

It made me think about what I'd put on a bucket list.

Trip to Italy? 

Hike in the Rockies?

Write a best selling novel?

Snag tickets to the Stanley Cup finals?

Then of course, I wondered, what can the bucket list do for our writing?

Stretch our skills?

Provide ideas from A to Z?

Act as a catalyst to fulfilling big dreams?

What's on your bucket list? What can it do for your writing? Please share!

Have a great week! :)

Happy writing, 


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  1. My friend's grandmother is 98 years old and she wants to make it to a 100 to make the Smucker's List on the Today Show. LOL It's been on her bucket list since she hit 90. :)

    I want to go to the Kentucky Derby, go to Israel, and see the Pyramids.

  2. I don't really have a bucket list but I know I'd like to visit Ireland someday. :-)

  3. Not sure what Stanley Cup Finals tickets would do for my writing but I'm willing to find out!

  4. Hello Karen:

    Gosh, I never thought about a bucket list for my writing.

    Here's what I'd put on it:

    1. Be published at least once a month

    2. Have stories accepted by Country LIving Magazine and Victoria

    3.Publish a book of my newspaper columns

    4. Publish a book of photos I've taken

    5. Photo copy hundreds of newspaper features, etc. that I've written and put them into a notebook to leave for my grandchildren

  5. Jennifer,
    Well now there's something to aim for, right? Hope she makes it! If you get to the Derby, you'll have to stop by here. I live about 45 min. from Churchill Downs. :)

    I never really made one either, but started thinking about it when I heard the party plans. Ireland sounds very nice! :)

    LOL! I'm not sure either, but would love to check it out and see. The closest I ever got to the finals was to a Flyers playoff game. They played the Senators and lost. But it was still fun to go! :)

    That's a great list! You should start working on it. Now you've got me thinking! :)


  6. I don't have an official list, but I've got a pretty big bucket. It's full of dreams. Does that count?

    One of which is meeting this very dear blogging friend of mine...lives in Kentucky? ;D

  7. No official bucket list. I guess landing an agent and publishing a book would be at the top of the list, though!

  8. Hhmmm, when it comes to writing my list is long. I am spending most of my time now emailing back and forth with the translators of my books. So much to discuss and adjust.... So, I am a bit behind with writing... but then, seeing my books in other languages is a kick as well!
    Anyway, you made me think today Karen... Thanks.

  9. Hi Karen .. I'd love to get my life up and running again as far as my projects are concerned and then be able to 'relax' while I can include other things - spend time with family and friends, help others and travel .. I'd love to meet other bloggers ...

    Cheers for now - the bucket list will happen - Hilary

  10. Rhonda,
    I like that - "a pretty big bucket full of dreams"! Yes, it does count, and pretty much sums up how I am too. And my bucket includes meeting you too! :)

    It's funny how we don't think about it in certain terms, yet all have goals and aspirations, you know? :)

    Sounds like you are busy! I think we might have different buckets, you know? Like ones for writing, another for spiritual things, and so on. :)

    I am sure you will be back in the swing of things in no time, and who says it must be a certain way anyhow? I think we can be more productive in our "down time" than we think. Always lots to ponder and sort out before we move ahead. I'd love to meet other bloggers as well - like you! :)


  11. I have a bucket list and it helped me clarify my writing and life goals in a new way. There's lots of travel ideas on there, and a number of writing goals. I pull it out and give it a read when I need a boost.

    Nice post Karen!

  12. Ooh, my bucket list. It reflects my eclectic tastes, everything from: going on pilgrimages to ancient Catholic churches and other holy sites, to writing a novel, to running a 10K, to learning to salsa dance like a pro. Lol. It's good to reach upward, right? Keeps us going.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. I'm slowly working to cull my bucket list!

    All the best!


  14. I'm slowly working to cull my bucket list!

    All the best!


  15. My bucket list includes being published in Twenty Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I've made it to nineteen. I'd like to see the Redwood Forest and spend longer time at the seashore.

  16. My writing bucket list is writing my trilogy, getting an agent and getting the completed manuscripts published.

  17. Tyrean,
    You are one smart writer! I should write mine down too and do as you do. :)

    That is an eclectic list, but a good one! :) I think mine is pretty varied too. Been thinking on it a lot in recent days.

    Good for you! You should post on it sometime. :) It would be fun to read about your adventures!

    Congrats on 19! Cheering you on to 20! Keep us posted, okay? :)

    Sounds like a good list! Looking forward to hearing how it progresses. :)


  18. Let's see:

    1) New York Times Bestseller list sounds good.
    2) Teach someday at a writer's conference.
    3) Get a virtual assistant to help me with all the details.
    4) Get someone to clean my house on a regular basis.
    5) Be able to make enough writing that I can say "bye, bye" to the day job.

    I could probably think of another 10, but this is a start.

  19. Hi Karen,
    I'd like to travel to the Holy Land and tour Europe, especially the churches and cathedrals.

  20. Susan,
    Sounds like a great list! :) Cheering you on!

    That sounds like fun! Getting a lot of good ideas here this week. :)


  21. The other day someone had an "illegal" bucket list, which I thought was sort of cool. It wasn't all nasty stuff at all--it had some good things on there, like ride a scooter through the white house and stuff like that. It was a cute idea.

    One of my bucket list items is to see the Pyramids. I really want to go inside one and just experience them first hand. I've always been fascinated by Egyptian culture.


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