Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interview with Susan Reinhardt

It's blog tour time for Susan J. Reinhardt! Susan joins us today to discuss her debut novel, The Moses Conspiracy. Be sure and check out the giveaway details below.

Welcome, Susan! When did you feel that you were called to be a writer?
Thank you, Karen, it's good to be here. I've written for many years, but never thought of myself as a "writer." When people began telling me how much my writing impacted their lives, I began pondering those statements and praying. I wanted to follow through, but didn't know how to go about it. When I married and moved to another state, I discovered a supportive writing community. The Lord gave me favor, and many of my non-fiction pieces were published. There's a sense of peace when you know you belong in a particular spot. I have that as a writer.

You've told me that this is the book of your heart. Why do you feel this way? 

I had an experience while in Gettysburg in 2004. I tried to write a non-fiction piece, but failed. Fiction wasn't on my agenda, but God had other ideas. My husband and I prayed for direction, and the Lord impressed on him it was to be the inspiration for a novel. I sat down at the computer and started. The early days were discouraging because I quickly learned my fiction skills needed major help. When my husband got sick and died, I determined that I would finish the book to honor his memory and in obedience to the Lord's direction. The Moses Conspiracy is dedicated to David.

What do you hope readers will take away from The Moses Conspiracy?
I'd like them to see God's faithfulness in difficult times, the need to protect our freedoms, and the importance of family relationships.

Sounds like a great message! The Moses Conspiracy is the first in a series of three books - can you give us a peek at books 2 and 3?

Each novel is a stand-alone book. Book 2 has a working title of, "The Scent of Fear." I thought the main characters from, "The Moses  Conspiracy," would be the focus of this book. However, as I began writing, another character jumped onto center stage. Ellie, John, and Peter will be featured prominently in this book, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Keep an eye on Jim Kenneman, the Director of National Security.

Book 3 has a working title of, "Lost and Found," but I have a strong feeling that will change. I've written a mere 6,000 words. While I know the beginning and end, I have only a general idea of how to get to the final page. This book will include favorite characters from the previous books, but add one major female character. She's quite a handful and will challenge the patience and fortitude of the others.

One final question just for fun - what is your favorite writing snack? :)

LOL! There's chocolate, of course, but I have to limit my intake. Milk and cookies are another favorite. Hmm, maybe that's why Peter, in "The Moses Conspiracy," loves whoopie pies so much! Ellie is also big on M&M's. She could forgive a lot, but it's a good thing those soldiers didn't steal her chocolate.

Thanks so much for joining us, Susan. Wishing you much writing success!

Thank you, Karen!

The Moses Conspiracy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Kobo.

Visit Susan at her Blog, Facebook page, and on Twitter.

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Do you have any special plans for the weekend? What are you reading lately?

Happy weekend,


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  1. Hi Karen -

    Thanks for having me on your blog today! I had fun answering your questions. :)

    I'll stop by later to visit with your readers.


  2. Interesting! This will be my next Kindle download. Thank you for the post.

    My favorite writing snack is a steaming mug of hot chocolate, my biggest temptation since my Christmas gift of a Keurig.

    I am reading books on Lincoln. Since I seen the movie I have been very interested in his life.

    Happy Weekend to you!

  3. Susan,
    And thanks again to you! :) It's always a pleasure to have you over. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the interview! Hope you enjoy the book. Hot chocolate sounds delightful! Maybe it'll be my writing snack today. :)

    Happy weekend,

  4. Ex-cel-lent interview, you girls! I loved it. Susan, I think it's fabulous that your husband was so supportive of your gifting. What a gift.

    I really like, too, the take-aways that you're hoping people receive.

    Bless you both and your work.



  5. Hi Carol - Thanks you! I'd be interested to know how you liked the book. You can always find me at my blog or Facebook.

    Hi Rhonda - My David was a wonderful husband and my biggest cheerleader. I wish he were here to see The Moses Conspiracy published.

    Hi Karen - Thanks again for having me here.

    Susan :)

  6. Susan, I really like the message of your book!

  7. Rhonda,
    Thanks a bunch! :) Susan is so easy to interview. Indeed, it is a gift.

    Thanks for your input. From one author (you) to another (Susan), that's high praise! :)


  8. Best Wishes, Susan. It truly does sound like a great message.

    Hi, Karen!

  9. I wish the best to Susan - and Karen - you're the best too. sandie

  10. Hi Everyone -

    Thanks so much for the warm reception. You've made my day. :)


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  12. Hi Susan, I love the sound of your book. Good luck!

  13. Keith,
    Thanks for coming by! Appreciate your support!

    I think you might like this one. Glad you came by!

    Aw shucks, you are a sweetheart! :)

    I finished it and can attest to how good it is! :)

    Happy weekend,

  14. I don't know how I missed visiting here yesterday. I've been following along on the blog tour, learning all sorts of things I hadn't known about Susan and her book. Thanks for another great interview, Karen.

    Chocolate is always a favourite snack, but I can't eat a lot of it. I lean towards salty things. When the munchies strike while I'm writing I'll often make a big bowl of popcorn. That and a Diet Coke take me through many late night sessions.

  15. Good overview and interview. I clicked to amazon and read the blurb about it. Sounds like a compelling story.

    Susan is a good writer so I know her book will be good. Hope it does well!


  16. Karen:
    Thank you for this interview. Each time I read about Susan, I learn more about her.

    My favorite writing snack is Chex Mix. But today at the grocery store, I bought a Cheese Danish coffee cake.

  17. Hi Karen and Susan .. great interview .. and interesting how your writing snacks end up in the books!

    The books sound a good read and I will get them .. and it's wonderful how you get taken along a road ...

    Cheers Hilary

  18. Carol,
    I know- it's great to learn more about Susan, isn't it? Enjoyed my stop at your blog too. :) Ah, so you're a Diet Coke girl too, huh? lol

    You might enjoy her book; it's a good read. Glad you made it over!

    I know, it's great to get to know her better! :) It was fun stopping at your blog too. Cheese danish - one of my favorites too. I may have to stop by!

    Writing snacks are so important! :) We wouldn't have writing energy otherwise, right? lol :)

    Happy weekend,

  19. I was busy last weekend moving my father in law into a new apartment and having family in for Easter. It was productive and fun but skipped a blog post although it gave me material for this week's post. Enjoyed hearing from Susan.

  20. Hi Everyone -

    I've been dashing around town today. Even authors have to do laundry and grocery shopping.

    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I didn't realize I was such a mystery woman. LOL!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Susan :)

  21. Hello Karen, Hi Susan!

    Great interview, loved reading it!

    Th Moses Conspiracy sound intriguing.

  22. Susan, I can appreciate how you say that fiction wasn't on your agenda, but God had other ideas for you. It's inspirational how you followed His guidance. And, my, what a pay day!

    Karen, thanks for the great questions.

    Be well, ladies...

  23. Sally,
    Sounds like you have been busy! New material is always a good thing. :)

    It is an intriguing book, or I thought so anyway! :) Thanks so much!

    It is interesting to see where the Lord leads, that's for sure! Glad you came by to see us! :)



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