Monday, October 29, 2012

T is For Thesaurus

What do you use when you need a synonym or antonym?

The thesaurus?

The synonym feature in Word?
I had the privilege of writing a review for another excellent resource, The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. It's up now at the Coffeehouse for Writers' blog. If you have a moment, I invite you to check it out.

When searching for words and inspiration, where do you look? What tools do you use for brainstorming?

Happy writing,

Karen  :)

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  1. Hi Karen .. I remember that review - and it's definitely a book I need to get ... sounded so good.

    For now - the word is usually on the tip of my tongue - if not ... something will appear .. though the Thesaurus is on my desk .. I don't often look things up - but can see if I was writing professionally then I'd need to think a little more ..

    Great post - I do use Wikipedia for some words and also G searching .. just to check - but it is rare ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Oh, I love the sound of that thesaurus. Much more than synonyms. I will have to chase it up. Thanks for the review, Karen. Have a wonderful week. :)

  3. I love my Thesaurus!

    I have a few of them around the house.

  4. My old, worn Thesaurus is never far from my desk.

  5. Hilary,
    Hope you enjoyed it! It's the most recent non fiction review I've done. Gotta love hanging out at the Coffeehouse! :)

    I hope you check it out - I think it will be your cup of tea! :) You have good week too!

    Where would we be without them? Such handy tools! :)

    I know, me too. They're the best resources! :)

    Happy writing,

  6. I lub my thesaurus. :-) Wish I had a big book one though...for now I use the Word one.

  7. I own that one and it is a huge help to me when I'm stuck, or in need of something that's the same, but different. :-)
    I'm teaching a bunch of kids in a writing class at our co-op to use a thesaurus with "Mad Vocab" which is a spin off of Mad Libs. I choose a Mad Libs story and give them a week to find the most interesting nouns, adjectives, etc that they can find - they have to start with a plain word and then use a thesaurus to expand their vocabulary.

    I'll check out your review! :-)

  8. I love my online thesaurus. Such a great help when I need a hundred-dollar word. :)

    Interested to check out the one you referenced, though, because I've not heard of it before. Lord knows I could use emotion words here. Ha!

    Happy Monday, friend.

  9. I usually use the feature in Word.
    The Emotional Thesaurus is a great book!

  10. is my best friend. I love that it's always a click away.

  11. I try to remember to hug my Thesaurus every day. I'd give it a kiss, but my family might have me committed. I also love the Emotional Thesaurus.

  12. Hi Karen

    Just downloaed a copy, due, in part to your great review! Although the book is fab resource for the short story writer as well...heck, for all writers:)


  13. Being sort of 'old school', I have hard copy Thesaurus. I liked what I read about the Emotion Thesaurus.

  14. Yep, I'm a big fan of! I might need to get a big, hardback thesaurus someday though.

  15. Jessica,
    I know it! I have the Roget's Super Thesaurus and it's been really handy. :)

    Isn't it great? :) I love your Mad Lib spin off idea; it's a great activity for students young and old! :)

    I know, and for those 1.50 words too. :) You just might like The Emotion Thesaurus!

    I use that too, and often flip to my big paperback one too. And of course, The Emotion Thesaurus too!

    It really is handy, isn't it? Did you see they have games on there too? Fun stuff. :)

    Yes, they might look at you a little funny, I'm thinking! lol Ah well, it's helpful, what can we say? :)

    Been thinking about you lately! Need to hop over and see you at your blog. :) Hope you like the book!

    Thanks for checking out the review! I really appreciate your input. :)

    Oh yes, and remind me what we did before it came to be? I just don't know, lol. :)

    Happy writing,

  16. Hi Karen,

    I usually reach for my Synonym Finder. I've often visited Angela and Becca's blog. It's a great resource.

    Susan :)

  17. I love to pronounce this word, Thesaurus. I remember reading it while researching for my paper, but I never remember looking for the definition. I am going to look up for the definition first and definitely look for the synonyms and antonyms very soon.


  18. The emotion thesaurus... sounds good :)
    I mostly use my Word thesaurus of Google.

  19. Susan,
    I think you might like their book too! I really like it. :)

    It is a fun word, isn't it? :) Have a good time investigating!

    It is good! You just might like it. :)

    Happy writing,

  20. Last night while helping my son with his essay we had to use the Thesaurus!!! I also asked him to THINK of another word.....sometimes our brains are good to use, too! (lol) Will definitely check out your link! Thanks!

  21. never heard of, but I'm happy to find that. Thanks for sharing! I usually pull out my hard copy thesaurus BOOK that sits by my computer. Old fashioned, I know. But, it's extensive and I love it. It's never failed me!

  22. Janet,
    This is true - the brain is an excellent tool! :) Where would we be without it? :)

    Hope you enjoy poking around the site. It has some fun features, like games and whatnot. :)

    Happy writing,

  23. The Emotion Thesaurus is a wonderful resource!

    I used the thesaurus on Word and play around with it. Otherwise, I'll do an internet search.

  24. I typically us the synonym feature in Word. Thanks for introducing us to The Emotion Thesaurus. Not familiar with it - will have to check it out! Have a blessed week Karen! :)

  25. Theresa,
    I agree! So glad Angela and Becca decided to publish it! :)

    I do too, and I use it a lot. :) I think you might like The Emotion Thesaurus!

    Oh yes, that's another good place to visit. Very helpful! :)

    Happy writing,

  26. Hi, Karen:

    I typically use, and appreciate that site's "use the word in a sentence" feature.

    Thanks for introducing me to The Emotion Thesaurus! I left a comment on your review over at the Coffeehouse for Writers site.

    Hugs to you...

  27. Janette,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, and thanks as well for hopping over to the Coffeehouse. Your support is appreciated!
    Hugs and blessings,
    Karen :)

  28. Robyn,
    Thanks amigo! Your support is a blessing!


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