Monday, July 30, 2012

What Do You Write?

Most of my followers write, whether they have a novel in progress, 

pen articles, poetry and such, or blog. 

I know what some of you write, but not all.

Goals and circumstances change too, so I thought I'd ask:

What do you write?

Is writing your primary daily activity?

 Do you dabble in your spare time? 

Are you a copywriter? Children's writer? Poet? Soon to be novelist?

If not a writer, are you an avid reader, who likes to see what makes us writers tick?

Or perhaps you can lay claim to all of the above?

We are a diverse and fun group, and it'd be nice to get to know you better. :)

So won't you please share?

Happy writing,


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  1. Oh, gosh Karen. I just write because it is so part of who I am. I don't know how I could stop. If I could figure out how to direct an manage better. I sure want to finish a book, but having just started sharing my writing this is all so exciting and wonderful to find others who love to write...My goal is to direct myself more towards my writing and hold back with the heart sharing blog posts I do...BUT it's hard I feel I am overflowing with words that want to spill over and be shared! ;)

  2. Writing to me is just something I need to do! It's hard work - and also work, since it's my primary source of income - but I get so much pleasure from it. I can't imagine NOT writing.

  3. I mostly write creative non fiction (personal essay) with a dab of inspiration and a dash of humor. But I've won prizes for poetry and also write articles. I'm diverse, my blog is ecclectic.

  4. Modern Day,
    Your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm with yo; I have to write. Wishing you all the best!

    I hear you. :) I like the way you put that, "It's hard work - and also work", so true for many of us. I cannot imagine not writing either. Take care of yourself and baby TR!

    You have a great blend in your writing! That's one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. You have won a lot of prizes - congrats and best wishes with future projects!


  5. Right now, writing has taken a backseat because of summer. (Have not written in almost 3 weeks and I'm grumpy about it!) :)
    I would like it to be more of a daily activity but it's hard with a family.

  6. Hi Karen, thanks for following my blog - I've popped over to check out your blog.

    I've always written, so I probably always will. I write short fiction - short stories and novellas - about relationships that aren't working. Hopefully they're less depressing than I've made them sound.

  7. I write whenever I can. I have dedicated writing days, but I write almost every night too. I write YA and some MG, poetry and a bit of medical-related, creative nonfiction.

  8. Jennifer,
    I hear you! Summer is usually my "off" time, as far as teaching online classes, so the potential for more writing time is supposed to be there. Not so this summer. Maybe we can sneak some writing time in soon, huh?

    You are welcome! Enjoyed my stop there, and appreciate you stopping here and following too. It's nice to get to know you better. :)

    And since you are too modest to mention it, I have a book coming out next year too! Very exciting. Your writing time has paid off!


  9. Thanks for asking, Karen! I write everything from nf books to blog posts to humor columns to articles for Sunday school take home papers. I also journal my prayers, write thank you notes, and messages to speak to all kinds of groups, both Christian and secular. I can't not write; my blood is purple ink!

  10. In the years I was a Children's Director, I wrote mainly teacher resource materials (books, magazine articles and activities). As my focus changed, so did my writing so that now I write adult material for magazines, blogs and I'm working on a book on Sheltering in the church. I just completed the teacher resource materials for Sociology (test banks, activities, etc) for Triangle Press. Not my favorite writing but it pays the bills! Plus some ghost writing which I do love. I write every day, but have three full days a week that is totally committed to it.

    I'm so enjoying reading the responses. What a fun question.

  11. I write every day . . . journals, poetry, short stories, ideas, bits of conversation and description, my novel(s) that I haven't quite polished enough yet, and even some plays and skits . . . although those are rare. I write devotions, and I write on my blog. I generally don't write "how-to" articles but I am considering it for the future.

  12. I don't write every day, but I just sent my soon to be seventh book to my editor. While it's being attacked, I'll spend time researching websites to add to the finished product.

  13. Jen,
    You are quite the writer, with one fabulous book under your belt! Purple ink, huh? Who knew! :)

    It's great to meet you! Thanks for commenting and following! Sounds like you are busy. Like you, my focus has shifted around some over the years. Not a bad thing, I'm thinking! :)

    There's always something that's a work in progress, right? We'd be bored otherwise, I'm thinking! :) Enjoyed your poetry on display today.

    Congrats on your 7th book! What a great accomplishment! I like the way you said that "being attacked". Guess that is part of the process. :)


  14. Hi Karen,
    I write fiction for the most part these days. I still write articles and devotions for publication but I'm trying hard to concentrate on learning the craft of fiction writing. I do write every day. I spend a lot of time researching since I write historical. I blog and keep 2 or 3 journals.

    It's been fun to follow your blog and I love seeing you visit mine once in a while. So nice to have writer friends that we have yet to meet. Maybe someday!

  15. When I'm working on a book I write daily, but otherwise my writing consists of blog posts.

  16. It just occurred to me that typing doesn't feel like writing. What a strange thought. Of course typing is writing. I write/type everyday. I send emails, write in my journal, edit, critique, blog, comment. I feel bad for people who don't like computers. Life must be very different for them.

  17. Writing is a drug for me. Can't live without it.:)

  18. Jan,
    Always good to see you! It is interesting to see where our writing goes over the years, isn't it? Learning always, right?

    Who knew blogging would give us so much writing experience? And great friends, too!

    You know, I never thought about that! I used to write things out longhand, but now almost never do. Funny how things change. :)

    I know, I have to write too! Keeps me out of trouble, for the most part. :D


  19. I call myself a free lance writer, I'll write anything. Never really tried a novel, non-fiction comes easier I think. I write because I love it and because there is no way back :)

  20. Magazine articles, blog posts, and ebooks for homeschoolers.

  21. My poems are usually about what is happening in my life and family. so I more or less write when something worth writing about happens.

  22. I write:Newsletters, blurbs for newsletters, Plays, Blog Essays, Devotionals. I have done some poetry, trying to write Bible studies.
    I write: Most days.

    It's like I can't NOT write.

  23. Marja,
    I will write almost anything too. Some things I like better than others. Maybe after your next book comes out, we should get you to try your hand at fiction! :)

    And you do that very well! Enjoy reading your work!

    It is therapeutic, too, don't you think? Hope you are feeling better!

    Yes, I know what you mean. Not writing would be like not breathing! Glad we have that outlet.


  24. Hi Karen,

    I write middle grade fiction and inspirational non-fiction (Chicken Soup for the Soul). I have written both fiction and non-fiction for educational publishers. And I hope to one day write women's fiction. :)

  25. Love learning more about the interests of your followers, great question, Karen :-) Me? Right now I'm writing middle-grade historical fiction, have done short stories, picture books, been a newsletter editor, and dabble a bit in poetry. I've also had stories published in Cup of Comfort anthologies...

  26. Hi Karen,

    Fiction is my main interest. I also write some non-fiction devotionals and articles, as well as blog.


  27. Good morning,

    As you well know, I'm a weekly columnist for a local newspaper. "Grounds for Insanity," the column's name, sums up my life as a girl who loves coffee and raises boys. :)

    This is fun, seeing what everyone else is up to. Good idea for a blog post!

    Waving and smiling,


  28. Hi Karen. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for following my blog. Your profile says you live in Kentucky? I am from Ky! I live between Paducah and Bowling Green:)

    As for my writing, I write every day and when I am not writing, I'm editing what I've already written. I am on the road to publication. I hope I arrive at my destination soon.

    You admire many of the same authors as I do and just to let you know, it doesn't get much better than "Facing the Giants."

  29. Linda,
    Cheering you on in your pursuits! Thanks so much for sharing with us. It's great to learn more about you. :)

    I know - it's been fun reading everyone's comments. :) Looking forward to reading your book when you are finished!

    And that fiction will find a home before long! If some writing partner would get her act together, she would hand off for a chapter for you...:)

    I love the title of your column! I think it suits you and your work. Having fun too, glad you came by!

    Ink in the Box,
    You are welcome! Enjoyed my stop there. Thanks for coming by to say hello. We are in north central KY, not too far from Louisville. So we're just about neighbors! :)


  30. Hi, Karen:

    I write non-fiction articles, poetry, and posts for my blog. I've written some fiction (short stories) and am considering picking it back up. I've been writing for as long as I can remember.

    Thanks for asking and for getting to know us better!


  31. I have three completed novel sized manuscripts. I enjoy the initial writing but not the work to get others to love it. I love to read and satisfy my writing itch through my blog. Where I'm standing, at this stage in my's all good.

  32. What a fun post! I write Australian Historical Romance. Everything yesteryear has a habit of grabbing me, and I know a lot of other readers with the same affliction. That's why I keep writing my blog. I love meeting and sharing with kindred spirits who love to brush the dust off anything old and chat about it for a while.

    Thanks for popping in to encourage me when you do. It always makes my day :)

    Dotti xx

  33. I mostly write YA contemporary fantasy, though I do dabble in short stories and poetry, which have no fantastical elements and are written for adults. I write nearly everyday. That wasn't always the case. Before January, I had stops and starts. But I've made a commitment to be more productive.

  34. I would write (and read) all day if I could. I can't NOT write. :-) I've written since high school, first journals, then a novel (now buried away - I've grown since then,) and for FFWA contests (got several honorable mentions.) I wrote for work for 12 years. I wrote fiction in my younger life, now prefer personal essays, blogging. I'm currently working on a book based on a Christmas project our family has done for 20 years. I'm a graduate of the Writer's Digest school, and a Barry University alum.

  35. Fiction writing is my interest. I cant imagine not writing. I am currently revising my ms for the nth time.

  36. Janette,
    As far as short stories, I say you should go for it! Why not, right? :) It's been fun getting to know everyone. Smooches back!

    I did not know that you had three manuscripts! Glad you are enjoying where you are with life and writing. :)

    I cannot wait to read your book! You will keep me posted, right? Love stopping at your blog - always something good happening there! :)

    I admire your consistency! I need to get back into a better routine after a busy and distracted spring and early summer. No time like the present. :)

    It's great to get to know you better! Which WD course did you take? I've heard they are good. Best wishes on the project!

    I sometimes think we could revise forever, or nearly anyhow. Wishing you the best with revisions! :)


  37. I write movie reviews. I love film and writing. I also blog which I love doing. I enjoy sharing my opinions :)

  38. Livia,
    It's great to meet you! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing what you write. Blogging is great fun, isn't it? :)
    Happy weekend,

  39. Hi Karen,
    Yes, blogging is fun. I'm always thinking what to write for my blog and when I come up with something to write, I write it down! Nice to meet you! Have a great weekend!


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