Monday, January 23, 2012

Dirt and Life


 Some people see dirt like this - brown and useless.


Others see dirt like this - full of life and potential.

I think George Washington Carver summed it up nicely when he said,

"People murder a child when they say, 

‘Keep out of the dirt!’ In dirt there is life." 

Indeed. Life. 

And potential to learn, grow, and to savor with all of our senses.

 Dirt enriches our writing by encouraging curiosity and discoveries, don't you think?

I trip over new things every day, it seems. 

A thread of an idea here, a snippet of info there.

Before you know it, it's an article, a post, or a missing piece to the WIP.

Have you been digging in dirt lately?

What have you discovered?

How has it helped your writing?

 Happy digging,


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  1. I love dirt...the real and the allegorical. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. As a farmers wife I appreciate dirt more than most! It is from dirt that we make our living and get to watch the miracle of growth and the cycle of life. I like what you said about tripping over little nuggets of info and ideas. My goal is to not just trip over them, but make the collection of rocks into something useful - like you said. Good post!

  3. Carol,
    You are most welcome. :) I thought of you and our gardening discussions when I wrote this! :)

    Thanks so much! I had forgotten that you are a farmer's wife and can relate so well. I agree about turning them into something useful. Good point!

    This is true! Good reminder, thanks!

    Happy Monday,

  4. I love digging in the dirt. There are some great treasures to be found beneath the surface.

    Wrote By Rote

  5. My late mother loved working in the dirt. One of Mom's sayings was, "God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt."


  6. Hi Karen - I will never look at dirt the same way again! :)
    God bless

  7. Sometimes I go digging in my old wips and find some golden little snippets that I've forgotten about. It's fun because it seems new again.

  8. Love your dig :) Always an inspiration. I just posted a photo on my pro-life blog that's kind of funny, well, not really... but it is in line with your writing :)

  9. Oh what a fun way to think of dirt! I tend to be a clean freak, but clearly I need to quit cleaning so often, lol.

  10. Lee,
    Absolutely, I agree! You never know what you will find.

    Oh, I love that saying! I need to remember that one. Thanks for sharing! :)

    It does make you think a little differently, doesn't it? A good thing, I am thinking.

    Oh, you know, I have a bunch of old articles and stuff I need to dig through. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks! Will try and hop over and see the photo. :)

    Well, and some of this dirt is less messy, perhaps? lol

    Blessings all,

  11. I love pulling weeds. Fresh ideas come to me when I can do some mundane task and be quiet and think. Besides, there are so many curious things that might be dug up when once you start digging.

  12. I wanna embrace the dirt, digging, garden, growing life sooo much. Then my dogs dig things up and muddy the floor and I am less enthralled. ONE year we grew our own pumpkins and it was Ridiculous how proud I was. Help my writing? Not much though.

  13. Nice analogy, Karen!

    I have lots of garden "books" but never had a veggie garden. Have grown herbs and loved those.

    Would LIKE to do more digging in the dirt, that's for sure.


  14. Karen:
    I never thought of that! Thanks.

  15. Nancy,
    Good point. A writer's mind is always working! :)

    Oh yes, I've had those less than enthralled moments too! Ah well, something to write about, I suppose!

    Somehow I think you would succeed wonderfully at a vegetable garden! :)

    Ah, the ideas are everywhere, aren't they? :)


  16. I love rich, garden dirt. My garden provided many blog posts.

    I'm reminded of Jesus' words about the pearl of great price. Treasures are often found in the most unlikely places.

  17. I love digging around in the garden and the smell of newly turned soil. My 'dirt' has been more towards my quilting than my writing. I've begun cutting pieces for the next project. An idea is an idea, in whatever medium.

  18. Karen,

    What a great perspective! I'm editing my first manuscript, and believe me, I'm digging through dirt, but I'm finding some rich soil as well. I love this analogy.

  19. I have been digging a lot and I have realized that I am pretty resilient.

  20. Susan,
    Me too! And you got some nice veggies too, right? :) The pearl - good point, I agree!

    Yes, you are right. And you certainly have been creative in that medium. You'll post pics when you are finished, right?

    Good for you! Wish you the best as you unearth and refine! :)


  21. Rachna,
    That's great! And I would add resourceful as well!

  22. Well, returning to the literal, actual dirt where I was raised has been huge, somehow, for me. Visiting the Kansas prairie over Christmas time and reconnecting once more with my roots was such a blessing.

    There's a lot there in that dirt. Oh, my.

    And it did, I think, help my writing. :)

    This is a great reminder about attitudes and perspectives, Karen. Makes me want to work on mine. Thank you.

  23. Hi Karen .. is that why my flat is dusty .. now I know - my minings of my mind!!! It is packed with goodies .. waiting to flourish - one or two have crept out this year so far ..

    There's so much we ignore - but search and ye shall find ..

    Cheers Hilary

  24. You are a poet, Karen! Thank you for your delightful words on dirt! I loved playing in the dirt as a kid, and I still do when I go out to "garden" - gardening sounds more grownup but it's essentially just about the dirt.
    Now, I just have to get into the "dirt" of my writing and dig around a bit.

  25. Rhonda,
    There is a lot in the dirt, you're right! Glad you had a good visit!

    I love that - so that explains why I have dust around here too then! That is such a good point! lol :)

    Wow, never thought of myself as a poet! I need to do a bit more digging too. :)


  26. Our soil here in the Lancaster area has a rich brown/red color, and adds to the landscape when looking from the road over my way. If you can not grow anything in our very rich soil than you had better give up trying to grow anything! Richard

  27. When my husband and I were newlyweds we lived next door to a couple with three kids. The oldest was a girl, age 8. She was ALWAYS in a dressy dress, nice socks, and patent leather shoes. More than once I heard her mother say, "Teresa, don't do that! You'll get dirty!" The boys, of course, wore play clothes and made mud pies and enjoyed the outdoors. I always felt so sorry for the little girl. She was never allowed to just play and be a kid. I've always wondered what happened to her.

  28. I got so caught up in little Teresa I forgot to say that, yes, I love to play in the dirt! :)

  29. I'll be digging in dirt come gardening season. And, hopefully, am doing some now, too, allegorically. Good post.

  30. Richard,
    You know, the soil here in KY is very much like in your area in PA. There are many things here in the landscape that bring back PA memories!

    Oh that is a shame. Maybe she's grown up to work in a dirt related field! Growing up, I had a friend whose mother wouldn't let them get the house messy - in an extreme way. Not a great way to live, I'm thinking.

    I'll be gardening too come spring. Always digging otherwise for good ideas!


  31. I used to love playing in the dirt. You might be the first post I've read using dirt as analogy. I loved it!

    I've been digging deep lately. Figuring out why I'm not making it and what I can do to get there.

  32. Great thoughts here, Karen! Yes, dirt is essential - and life producing. Challenges often serve as the 'dirt' in my life, to help me see things from a different perspective, or make me grateful for something I'd previously ignored. Thanking the Lord for the 'dirt' today!

    Appreciate you dropping by Life Lessons. I can definitely relate to your comment! I'm discovering more and more, that I must be deliberate in my relationship with the Lord - yes, He's in control, but I must seek His wisdom and guidance for life's decisions. So thankful for His grace and mercy! Have a blessed week! Hugs!

  33. You know - and I can't remember where I read it - but I just read that digging in the dirt is good for your health. I used to play in the dirt, but no more. Sandie

  34. I love digging in the dirt. I like it when I garden or just playing in the yard with the kids.

  35. Theresa,
    Glad you liked it. This quote always resonated with me. :) Keep digging! Good things ahead!

    Sometimes I think it is all about the perspective of how we view things, spiritually and otherwise, you know? I am thankful as well!

    I've heard that too. Perhaps we should do it more often! :)

    And playing with the kids is a good excuse to do so, I'm thinking! :)



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