Monday, October 3, 2011

A B C D E F G...

Alphabet Fun

Susan Reinhardt recently featured a fun post that shared personal info the A to Z way. Thought I would jump in and give it a try too.

Here's everything you wanted or didn't want to know, alphabetically, about me.

A) Age - Old enough to have a 3 year old grandson, and young enough to play baseball with him. Here's a quote from yesterday's game, "Run, Grandma, run!" So I did.

B) Baked goods - Cheesecake (my sister Wendy's recipe is the best ever).

C) Chores you hate - Scrubbing the tub and cleaning the kitchen floor. Oh, and weeding the garden.

D) Dogs - Had two when my kids were growing up, a chocolate lab named Hershey and a mutt named Oreo.  I just realized they were both named after food. This probably means something.

E) Essential start to your day - Reading my Bible, spending a bit of time with my husband before he heads off to work, and a nice cup of tea.

F) Favorite color - Green, not too minty, not too Kelly, somewhere in the sage to dark olive greens are best.

G) Gold or silver - Gold, but if you buy me something in silver, I won't be upset. :)

H) Height - 5' 6". And no, I'm not listing my weight.

I) Instruments you play - I played the flute (not very well) in grade school. Also took piano lessons and hated to practice. My Mom told me that if I gave up piano I might regret it later. She was right.

J) Job - Writer. But you knew that already. I also teach online writing classes for teens and adults, do a bit of tutoring, and keep the books for my husband's carpentry business.

K) Kids - Two sons, a daughter, and a daughter in law, all in their twenties. I am blessed with great kids.

L) Live - North central Kentucky, US. Before we moved here, we lived in southern New Jersey.

M) Mother - Went to be with the Lord in March of 2010. I miss her. Very much.

N) Nickname - My Dad would sometimes call me "Karrie", but other than that, nothing ever stuck.

O) Overnight hospital stay - The only ones worth mentioning are the ones where I got to bring home a little adorable bundle of Lange.

P) Pet peeve - Just one? The misuse of the apostrophe s.

Q) Quote - Just one? :) Psalm 32:8.

R) Right or left - Right.

S) Siblings - Three younger sisters, including the one who passed away last November.

T) Time you wake up - Around 7 am.

U) University you attended - Went to college in New York state for a short time. I'm a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature (two different programs), and of course, am learning new things all the time.

V) Vegetable you dislike - Brussels sprouts and asparagus. I'm shuddering just thinking about them.

W) What makes you late? Checking my email before heading out.

X) X-rays - Other than dental x-rays, only one.

Y) Yummy food - An Italian hoagie, made the right way. Oh, and authentic Jersey pizza. We recently found a pizza place here that makes it the way we used to get it in NJ. The owner is from Brooklyn. :)

Z) Zoo animal favorite - Koala bear.

Other Stuff

The October lineup of classes at Coffeehouse for Writers includes Writing and Marketing Personal Experiences, Blogging for Profit or Pleasure, Queries, Boot Camp for Writers (taught by yours truly) and more. Classes begin October 10. Click here for details.

Taking a break for the rest of the week, but will return Monday, October 10 with a review of Jody Hedlund's latest book, The Preacher's Bride. We'll round things out with an interview and giveaway; hope you can join us!

Are you game to give this A to Z thing a try? If nothing else, pick a letter and tell us something about yourself, won't you?

Have a great week,

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  1. great A-Z Karen, feels like taking a sneak peek into your life....
    My letter? Hhmmm... can I think about that?

  2. I totally agree with your most despised chores. In fact, I have an article publishing this week that's all about the kitchen floor, LOL. :)

    Hope you have a great week, Karen!

  3. Marja,
    Thank, I thought it was fun! Will look forward to your letters. :)

    I thought it was too. Are you next? :)

    Great minds think alike! Will look forward to your post.:)


  4. That was a great list, Karen. Now I know you're taller than I am.

  5. This is a really fun list. I like what you did with the letters.

  6. I love your A comment.

    Let;s see -

    B - for bling - love bling.


  7. Ah, you have a sister named Wendy. And green has been growing on me too.

    Bears of all kinds are my favorites too.

    These lists are a joy!
    ~ Wendy

  8. You just did the A to Z Challenge in a nutshell.

    I love your description of green.

    In your picture, you look too young to be a grandmother.

  9. I love this idea, Karen! Maybe I'll post my own version on my blog sometime. Stay tuned! For now I'll go with G - Gotta run!

  10. Carol,
    Lol! Well, I don't tower above anyone in a crowd, but I am taller than my sisters. :)

    It was fun. Susan had a few blogging friends who encouraged her to do it, so I thought, why not? :)

    Me too. It still makes me smile! Love your "B". Good choice! :)

    It's a lot of fun. You should try it! :)

    Yes, I do. Seems we have a lot in common! :)

    Yeah, I guess I did! :) Thanks for the compliment. This is one of the many reasons I like you!

    I think you should! Would love to see it. It would be fun! :)

    Happy Monday,

  11. "L" love this post! Might try it myself. Thanks for sharing these interesting tidbits. :-)

  12. Brussels sprouts are digusting! No argument here.

  13. What a fun game. And yes, big BOOOOO to weeding the garden.

  14. This is wonderful. I love getting to know you thru your posts, Karen. Thanks for sharing. My dad used to call me Josephina the laughing hyena.

  15. When I was younger, I got "Lady Di" a lot. Now I just hear "Spunky."

  16. Jennifer,
    Glad you did! And yes, I think you should give it a try! Would love to learn more about you.

    We should start a club for those who don't care for them...:P

    Weeding the garden just isn't my favorite thing. Especially if it is really hot and humid!

    Hmm, I wonder why the nickname didn't stick? lol You should give this a try!

    Well, there are worse things to be called, aren't there? :) So I am thinking your personality is spunky...? :)

    Thanks, all, for coming by,

  17. Great list. I loved getting to know you more. :O)

  18. Sorry those veggies terrorize you so! This was fun, I liked learning more about you. :)

  19. Great getting to know you better, Karen. I did this on my blog, too, thanks to seeing it on Susan Reinhardt's Christian Writer Reader blog.


  20. Diane,
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. You should try it! :)

    I like most veggies, which I consider a good thing. Never really saw the point in those two though. :)

    Yes, that's right, I did see it on your blog. Thanks for jogging my memory! :)

    Blessings all,

  21. Ha! This is cute. So nice to get to know you better.

    Let's see. I'll pick the letter N for me because it was the first one that popped into my head. ;)

    N-neurotic LOL!

  22. Haha, i think I did that wrong.

    N--Nickname--Punkin. I was born in October. What can I say?

  23. I'm going to go with:
    Q: Quilting. I'm on a roll and digging into my third since August. Working with material soothes me.

  24. Thanks for the link! Wasn't this fun?

    Love the name of your dogs. You have a chocolate thing going there even with regard to the breed!

    "...Bundle of Lange." This made me smile.

  25. Im with you Karen on the letter Y. Theres nothing like New York style pizza done right! Richard from Amish Stories.

  26. Oh, fun! I love the sagey-olivey greens too.

    I hope Jesus returns soon, so you can see your mom and I my Daddy, Step-dad and brother.


  27. I enjoyed reading this post and getting to know you better. You really are an adorable lady, Karen. Hugs.

  28. Hi Karrie!?! .. fun list .. reading all the ins and outs of life! Great family too .. have fun - Hilary

  29. That was so much fun. I love all of your answers especially the first one. Great way to tell your age.

  30. I love 'A' and 'O' and totally understand your 'W.' I also love that your dad called you that (so sweet) and that you used to live in NJ. Please tell me you have that distinct accent!!

    Such a fun read, Karen.

  31. Laura,
    You know, any way you want to spell it out is fine with me! Good nickname and Happy Birthday! :)

    Yes, you have been the quilting girl, that's for sure! I like to sew but don't take much time for it. Perhaps you will inspire me!

    You are welcome! Yes, it is fun! We need to do more of this kind of thing, you know?

    Hey, you can relate to great pizza, then? Never take it for granted, right? lol

    Green is a newer fave of mine in the last bunch of years. I find it very soothing. I agree, lots of saints to see, you know?

    Thanks! You should give this a try! Thanks for your sweet words. So glad we've met. :)

    Yes, if you like, you can call me Karrie...:) I am thinking you should give this a try as well! :)

    Thanks so much, glad you liked it! Yes, well, on one needs to know my real age, you know? :)

    Sorry to disappoint you but I don't sound like a Jersey girl. Escaped it somehow, but I think that was b/c my Mom was from the Lancaster, PA area. Dad's Jersey roots and speech didn't hit us girls. :)

    Blessings all,

  32. oved the insights of learning your A to z!

  33. Great A-Z post Karen! I loved it, especially "run, Grandma, run" and the dogs named chocolate and oreo, oh, and the job, and . . . well, I could go on. Thanks for sharing!

    Maybe tomorrow I could try it. Today I posted an insecure writers support group post . . .

  34. Annie,
    Thanks a bunch! I think Helen should give this a whirl! That would be a hoot!

    Thank you! Will have to check out your insecure writer's post. You should give this a try! :)


  35. Now I know. Amigo. Tea??? No coffee??? What'z up with that? And I am utterly disgusted with the misuse of the apostrophe s too. Grrrrr

    See you at three. :-) (((huggin' you)))

  36. Oh that was fun, karen. I loved getting to know you better!
    You ARE from southern NJ because you said "hoagie". LOL!

  37. Well, my bedroom is olive, black and gold...

    Just touching base been off-line for a bit. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  38. Great "get to know you" idea. Thanks for the tidbits!

  39. Robyn,
    Yes, tea. Sorry to disappoint! Try as I might, I cannot get the hang of much coffee. I love the aroma, but have yet to acquire a taste for it!

    Yes, true, I did not think of that. Calling them anything else just seems wrong, you know?

    Good to see you! Hope all is well. I knew I liked you - you like green too. :)

    Thanks and you are welcome. You should give this a try!

    Happy weekend,

  40. Fun post, Karen. Nice to get to know you a little better =)

  41. Neat idea! Of course, now we're going to need you to post that cheesecake recipe! I love cheesecake!!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  42. Ruth,
    Thanks! I think you should give this a try! :)

    I just may have to do that! It is really good...:)

    Happy weekend,

  43. Karen,

    This was fun to read and it was good to get to know you a little better.

    And hooray for the Jersey shout outs! ;-) I have a nephew who lives in Florida but is in NJ visiting. He can't get enough pizza when he's up here b/c he says pizza tastes better in NJ than Florida. Who knew there could be such a difference in the way a plain pie tastes?


  44. Thanks Janette! Yeah, what is it with Jersey pizza anyway? It's divine. :)


  45. Great post---it was fun getting to know you better! From another former grade school flute player who also shudders at Brussels sprouts :)

  46. Barb,
    Thanks! See, I knew I liked you! :)
    Have a great weekend,


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