Thursday, August 11, 2011

Delayed Reaction

I've been the recipient of several blog awards in the past year and have failed to mention the wonderful blogging friends that gave them to me. I apologize; it was not my intent to offend. I simply allowed my busy schedule to overtake good intentions.

That said, I figured late was better than never, so here are the sweet blogging friends who were kind enough to think of me:

I am honored, and again, I apologize. Thank you so much! Your thoughtfulness warms my heart.

Robyn tagged me with a meme, and although I forget the details, I know I was supposed to share a few things about myself. Thought I would improvise and share a few little known Karen facts.

  • I played the female lead, a nurse, in a 8th grade play. The leading man, aka a fellow student, and I were supposed to kiss; we chose to embrace instead. We were both really okay with that. I think my Mom and Dad were too.
  • I've driven a dump truck, a stake bed and pick up trucks. My husband was a landscape contractor for 20+ years in New Jersey. I was the driving "stunt double". Once in a while they were short a driver and I'd fill in, bringing a truck and trailer or miscellaneous equipment to a job site.
  • My landscape contractor's wife duties also included ordering thousands of bedding plants every spring for our customers. Yes, you'll be happy to learn that I know what kinds of flowers will hold up in the summer heat and breezy conditions on the barrier islands of southern New Jersey.
  • A distant relative on my Mom's side was a founder of Gettysburg, PA.
  • I really wish that a Rita's Italian Ice franchise would come to my area.

Exciting stuff, huh?  What exciting things would we be surprised to learn about you? 

Don't Forget the Giveaway

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. I got rid of all my awards off my blog, and very rarely reciprocated them. Such a bad award receiver :o(

    Your first item about yourself in the high school play made me laugh out loud. So sweet!

    Should I enter your giveaway? Would you ship to Greece?

  2. A dump truck? LOL, I am trying to picture you behind the wheel :)

  3. Dump truck driver! Would've never guessed.
    And you are one away from three hundred followers.

  4. Dump truck driver? Wow that's not a label I'd have come up with for you on my own!

  5. Fun facts, Karen! I can relate to driving big, heavy, interesting equipment - my husband and I recently rented an excavator and a front loader to dig out our pond. You guessed it, I got to drive around on the front loader all day! Fun times!

  6. I'm with Jess - I'm the worst with blog awards! Good to learn more about you.

  7. I love these fact finding articles. Love hearing more about you, Karen. I especially love the image of little you driving a dump truck. My husband loves his. Interestingly, I'm in no hurry to drive it. lol

  8. Hi Karen .. actually I'm pleased I fall into the same category with awards .. I struggle with them .. some just happily accept them in their blogging schedule and get on with life ..

    But I did love learning that you drove a dumper truck and trailer .. my goodness .. and the other bits and bobs .. fun!!

    Cheers Hilary

  9. Wow! You shocked me. I'm impressed. An actress, driver of heavy trucks, and landscaping expert. Don't think I can top all that diversity, my friend. Although I was the limbo winner going away in first and second grades. That's one plus of being closer to the ground than anyone else. :)

  10. Congrats on your awards, Karen! You're deserving of them all:) I kind of like your flower knowledge-which ones are good for a balcony?:)


  11. Jessica,
    I would gladly send a book to you! It is US only this time around, but perhaps next time. I never mailed anything to Greece, so you could get the honor of being the first one. :)

    Well, I was trying to think of little known facts, so there you go!

    It is something I never dreamed growing up of doing, but I didn't mind. Kind of fun actually!

    Well, you just never know, right? :)

    It is kind of fun, and different. I think the different makes it fun!


  12. Talli,
    I used to be better and I hate to not get to them. Somehow though, they got buried in all the other stuff to do!

    It is nice being up high and getting to see everything. I used to help unload it sometimes (if there were shrubs in the bed). You could see around the whole area being so high up!

    Glad you enjoyed it. I don't have a super exciting life otherwise. :) I knew that it would surprise some people!

    Yes, such an actress! I wonder how we really were. I know there weren't any famous critics there!
    Now limbo, there's something I am not really good at!

    Thank you! You are so sweet. A balcony? Well it depends on what kind of sun and other conditions they haveHappy weekend,
    Karen. Container grown plants need a fair amount of water, too.

    Happy weekend,

  13. Thanks for the mention...don't feel guilty on my account! I never thought anything of it. :)

    I, too, have trouble picturing you as a truck driver! You must have been the classiest driver ever to take the wheel.

  14. My acting abilities brought me a Best Supporting Actress award in 1978 (junior year)for playing Henry David Thoreau's mother in the play "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail." I went on to junior college with a drama book scholarship. Did two plays and that was the end of my acting career.

  15. I have such regret over blog awards. I was such a newb when I came to blogging that I never saved them anywhere and so now I would feel like a heel starting, you know? But I appreciate every award ever given and always thank the givers. You deserved a thousand awards, Karen!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  16. Well done on 300 followers! I'm hopeless with blog awards, so now I just thank people and don't continue them, I can't keep track - I'm too ditzy :)
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  17. Dump truck driver and my sweet blogging friend Karen, its unimaginable. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. I'm impressed and you know being able to driver a dump truck definitely makes you a transplanted KY woman. :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  19. Lisa,
    You are gracious and sweet; thanks again for thinking of me! :) Well, class and a dump truck, who knew?

    Congrats on your acting success! Hey, you never know what it's contributed to your skills now.

    Hey, you aren't a heel. I think we all have good intentions; it can be hard to juggle blogs and everything else, you know? Thanks for the kind words. :)

    Thank you! It is hard to keep track sometimes. They are always appreciated, but sometimes hard to remember. :)

    Well, perhaps there is a character idea there, you think? lol Happy weekend to you too!

    Hey, I didn't think about that! That's too funny. The things we do to fit in, huh? :D

    Happy weekend,

  20. This reminds me of playing "two truths and a lie" and trying to guess which fact the person is lying about. It's not always obvious! Most people don't know that I played violin and piano for several years (before university).

  21. Blog awards are fun, but they are so time consuming I couldn't work with them either.

    Congrats on receiving so many!

  22. I used to be good with blog awards, and then I became very bad!

    Congrats on your lovely awards!

  23. Bonnie,
    Yes, I know that one - these are all true. Hmm, guess I could have mixed it up and made you all guess! :)

    I hope to stay on top of any in the future. I enjoy them but sometimes they just hit in the midst of a busy flurry.

    I hear you! I am just glad I remembered to mention them now! lol

    Happy weekend,

  24. Congratulations on your blog awards. I also forget them at times. I do keep my blog awards but sometimes I forget to mention them when I do my blogposts.

    It's nice to get to know you more, Karen.


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