Monday, May 23, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog Break...

I'm feeling a bit like a celebrity. Why?
There's a guest post over at Pen and Prosper by yours truly.
The topic?
What writers have in common with The Celebrity Apprentice.
Yes, you read that right.
I invite you to check it out. :)

See you back here around May 26.
Happy writing,


  1. I missed the notice of you being on break. I've been on one as well. Hope yours will not leave you sore like mine did :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Hey Karen, thats great. Will check it out.

  3. Hi Karen...Enjoyed the guest post. The one that resonated with me most is "Don't whine." It's so easy to fall into the "oh, poor me, woe is me" trap. I try to immediately snap out of it and move forward! Take care and have a wonderful break! Susan

  4. I will pop over and see what a coolio amigo has to say. (Would there be a pic of you in your shades, too?) :-)

    Hope your break is treating you great. (((hugs)))

  5. Oh goody... thanks for the announcement :)

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your support! I feel like I have my own cheerleading squad. :D

  7. Hi Karen -

    Oh, this sounds like fun! Hopping over there now.

    Happy blog break,
    Susan :)

  8. Thanks gang! Appreciate your support! :)

  9. Hope you have a nice time...happy blog break..:))

  10. Hope you are having a good break and off to Pen and Prosper now.

  11. Thank you! Your support means so much! :D


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