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Book Review: Mine is the Night

Mine is the Night     
by Liz Curtis Higgs

Waterbrook Multnomah

It is April of 1746. Elisabeth Kerr and her mother in law, the Lady Marjory Kerr, are penniless. Both widows must flee their home in Edinburgh; Marjory hopes to find refuge in her old hometown with a distant cousin. 

This sequel to Here Burns My Candle finds Elisabeth and Marjory en route to Selkirk. The trip is a dangerous one, for unrest over recent political conflict is afoot. Dragoons patrol the roads, harassing travelers as they search for traitors to the Crown. There is no guarantee either, that they will be welcomed by Cousin Anne. The only option is to trust their Heavenly Father. Elisabeth aims to trust Him, but can Marjory?

The late Donald Kerr, Elisabeth's husband, left a less than stellar legacy for his devoted wife. Even so, Elisabeth chooses to remain by her mother in law's side. The cost of this decision remains to be seen, but like Ruth in The Old Testament, Elisabeth's devotion to Marjory is steadfast.

Lady Marjory struggles to grasp the reality of her loss of social standing, possessions, and her sons. Trusting the Lord does not come easily to a lady who is used to being in control. All that remains of her past life are a few items in her trunk, her daughter in law, and memories. Even her devoted former servant, Neil Gibson, who was paid to deliver a message to Cousin Anne, is nowhere to be found.

Residents of Selkirk are gearing up for the arrival of Lord Jack Buchanan. Recently retired from the Royal Navy, Admiral Buchanan looks to settle into his English estate. He is hiring servants, and Elisabeth hopes to secure a position as a seamstress. Despite the fact that she was a lady of means, the skills her father (a tailor) taught her, may now come in handy.

The Kerr ladies struggle to make their way through the complicated labyrinth of society. Where is their place? Who will accept them? Does Elisabeth, at age 24, dare to hope to find love again?  I will not give any secrets away, but can assure you that there is a happy ending. For that I was very glad. It is an outstanding conclusion to Book One.

Ms. Higgs is one of the most gifted storytellers I know. Her fiction is filled with layers of rich and meaningful details. Biblical parallels abound, and stir the reader beyond the fictional realm. I savored every morsel of this tale. It will surely be counted among my favorite books.

To read an excerpt of Mine is the Night, click here.

To view the book trailer, visit here.

I received this review copy for free from the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

What gems have you read lately?

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  1. I've stumbled onto a comedy/mystery, "The Spellman Files", a light read. I will check out this set of books, they sound right up my alley.

  2. I do not read fiction that much, but lately I won The Price of Trust by Amanda Stephan in a give-away and I really enjoyed reading that!!
    Thanks for this review Karen, great job!

  3. Oh, I love Liz! When she was first popular, I wrote a letter to her to compliment her writing, and she answered me with a HAND WRITTEN note!

    She's also a great nf writer. Very versatile.

  4. Sally,
    That one sounds interesting. Will have to check it out.

    Thanks! I've heard good things about that author. :)

    She still responds to emails, sweet lady that she is. Even sent me a book plate once when she read a review I wrote. :)

    Blessings all,

  5. Karen, you do such a wonderful job of reviewing Liz' book. I'm totally hooked and I haven't read a word. That, my dear, is a gift.

  6. I love historical romance, and this cover and your review really sing! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I love Liz Curtis Higgs' books--I have three on my shelf :-) Thanks for reviewing this one, you've given me a nudge to want to read it, too!

    Right now I'm reading Missing Lucille, by Suzanne Berne. It's based on the author's quest to learn more about a grandmother she never knew--the daughter of Bernard Kroger who started Kroger grocery stores. Lots of Cincinnati history in the book, which is where I live...

  8. This sounds good!

    I'm reading Medical Error by Richard Mabry right now, but it's slow going because I'm reading a pile of nonfiction all at once, too. ;)

  9. Hi Karen -

    These books are on my Wish List. :)

    I recently finished Laura Frantz's, "Courting Morrow Little." Super book! Right now, I'm reading two non-fiction books and a Mindy Starns Clark novel.

    Susan :)

  10. Joylene,
    You are too kind. :) You are hired as my cheerleader!

    I'm with you. Love this kind of book!

    I love her books too; think I now have 5. :)

    Susan R.,
    I think you will enjoy them. Your current list sounds good!

    Blessings all,

  11. This sounds great!
    I'm still trying to read the Poisoner's Handbook, which is nonfiction.
    have a great weekend!

  12. This books sounds interesting.

    I am reading Bartimaeus The Ring of Solomon. Its a great book.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. i love the cover! I used to review books for waterbrook and I would enjoy the selections so much. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Great review Karen but to be honest I'm so behind on everything it may be winter before I catch up. Now I have allergies I was not planning on for another month. Least the wildcats won :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. Lydia,
    Thanks! So I'm thinking this book you're reading is for research...? :)

    Don't know if I've heard of that book. Will have to check it out. :)

    I know, the cover is great, isn't it? They do have a good assortment of books, too.

    Hope you feel better! Yay for the Wildcats:)


  16. I must get this one! Book one was so awesome!

  17. sounds great - must add it to my list

  18. Cheryl,
    Yes, I really enjoyed it. Hope you do too!

    I think you may be glad you did. ;)



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