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Review - Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting                         

by Susan Meissner

Waterbrook Multnomah

Jane Lindsay is heartbroken as she watches Brad, her husband of twenty two years, walk out the door of their Manhattan apartment. Devastated and confused, she wonders how their marriage got to this point. How does one make sense of something they didn't see coming? Jane doesn't know, and is clueless as to what to do next.

Feeling as though she has no rudder, she stumbles through her days at her antique shop. One day is brightened slightly when she finds an old ring under the cover of a 16th century prayer book. Intrigued, she launches a search to find its origin. She feels a connection with the mysterious owner, for the name engraved on the inside of the ring belongs to her as well. Jane.

Rewind the calendar to 1548, and we find an equally distraught young English girl by the name of Lady Jane Grey. At eleven years of age, she is the chief mourner at the funeral of her friend, Queen Katherine. The little Lady is not only grieving the Queen, but saddened that Katherine's infant daughter will never know her mother. Politics and family circumstances dictate that Jane's slight frame bear more than it should.

Tutors and higher learning fill the young Lady's days. Jane's desire is to have the approval and affection of her mother, but knows it will never happen. In time the young Edward Seymour grows fond of Jane, and she of him. He bestows her with a secret gift as a promise for their future.

Both Janes struggle to find their purpose and the answers they long for. Our modern Jane relies on her friend Molly for a listening ear, the Lady Jane, her seamstress Lucy. Only our modern Jane, though, has the privilege of knowing how they might be connected. Do they experience life's hard lessons? Yes. Do they grow and change? Perhaps.

I read Ms. Meissner's book, The Shape of Mercy and enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to read Lady in Waiting. She has a gift for taking two people, who are outwardly unrelated, and linking them together through the bonds of hidden similarities and challenges. There's much to be said for the ties of kindred spirits and the stories that lie within. Ms. Meissner's storytelling ability is wonderful and I hope that she continues writng this way. I, for one, am a big fan.

To download and preview the first four chapters of Lady in Waiting click here.

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I received this review copy for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


  1. You do good reviews. This makes me want to read the book. I'm always trying to learn something about the story-telling craft.


  2. Hmm, I wanted to read her first one except I think the MC dies in the end? So then I didn't. Good to hear this one is good. I'd like to try one of her books, just to get a taste of her style. Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the review. I haven't read one of her books yet but this one sounds interesting, especially the connection between two people in different periods of time.

  4. This sounds terrific. I love books that successfully weave past and present (one of my faves is The Intelligencer by Leslie Silbert). Thanks for giving me a great read to add to my Kindle wish list!

  5. Warren,
    Thank you! It really is a good way to study fiction. I'm always taking books apart and examining the mechanics.

    Yes, she does, but since it's based on fact, I suppose that's how it goes. :/ However, she is a great writer. :)

    You are welcome. I love that aspect, the connection between the two women. It makes it so much more interesting.

    It was good, and I agree, that's one of my favorite ways to see it done. Yes, get it for your Kindle!

    Blessings all,

  6. I think her way of presenting this book sounds very unique and compelling. I like the idea of going back and finding their connection. I know she is an awesome writer--glad you enjoyed it!

  7. My cool amigo pal, what a great review. I've heard she is one awesome writer. I think I'll go download and then I'll most likely grab this one up. You're just TOO AWESOMELY cool, amigo. :)

  8. I've heard great thing about this author--I'll have to try one of hers soon. Thanks for the review. How many books do you read in a week, Karen? I only can manage one, or half of one.

  9. Hi Karen -

    Thanks for the review. This sounds like an excellent book.

    Susan :)

  10. Another great review, Karen. Thanks! My to-read list keeps getting longer and longer :-)

  11. Thank you Karen for this review, excellent! And by the way, is your blog lay-out new? I like it, it is calm and soothing!

  12. Terri,
    I do like this approach; it makes it really interesting!

    She is a good writer. It was a good read. And you my friend, are way cool too!

    Thanks! I think you might enjoy this one.

    I don't read that many books in a week. Sometimes the reviews just seem to pile up. :)

    Thank you:) So does mine!

    Thank you! I updated the blog a while back; I was going for soothing, so glad you think so. :)



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