Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cathy Bryant Interview & Giveaway, Part Two

Welcome back! Cathy's full of wit and wisdom, so I hope that you will enjoy the balance of the interview. I know I did!

Click here if you happened to miss Part One.

Don't forget, Cathy has offered a copy of Texas Roads for our giveaway. Details follow the interview.

Karen: What do you think are some of the key elements for writing success?

Cathy: I can only answer based on my own experience, but for me the biggie is my relationship with God. He gives the creative spark, the spiritual lessons, the characters, the storyline. He also sends opportunities and helpers that push me along the path.

I'd also add the importance of studying the craft of writing, either through books/articles, conferences, online classes, or all of the above. While I've picked up lots of helpful information in each of these places, for my personality type, my best teachers have been books and articles. And then of course, you can't neglect the act of writing itself. You can't be a writer if you don't write, and you'll never improve unless you keep at it. Finding other writers to partner with has made a huge impact on my writing as well.

Karen: Just for fun - here are some quick and random questions:
Favorite color?

Cathy: Okay, I'm a design nut, from landscaping to clothing to homes, so choosing just one is impossible for me. (Sort of like asking a bibliophile to name their favorite book...) I'd have to say that I'm most partial to blue.

Karen: Favorite place to visit?

Cathy: Anywhere in the Rocky Mountains, especially when the summer heat climbs to 100+ and decides to camp out for a month or two. Second on the list would be an uncrowded beach.

Karen: Hobbies?

Cathy: Reading, Bible study, gardening, home improvement, walking/hiking, canoeing, reality TV, movies (Love to analyze them for story structure - poor hubby!), scrapbooking, painting.

Karen: Chocolate or vanilla?

Cathy: Chocolate, of course! =)

Karen: Coffee or tea?

Cathy: I once could say "no" to both equally, but since I've started writing, coffee has become a necessity.

Karen: Favorite book about writing?

Cathy:I have lots of favorites, but the two (...sorry) that have been the most helpful to me are Goal, Motivation, and Conflict by Debra Dixon and Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass.

Karen: What's the next title in the Miller's Creek Series? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Cathy: Thanks for asking! Book Two in the series of novels is entitled A Path Less Traveled and will be out in the Fall of 2010. Dani, Steve, and Mama Beth are in this book, too, but only as minor characters (along with the old geezers and quirky residents of Miller's Creek). The heroine of the story is Steve's sister Trish, and the hero is Andy Tyler, Dani's hunky attorney friend in Texas Roads. 

Here's the back cover copy:

Trish James is tired of being rescued. When a spooked horse claims her husband's life, she's determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help. But will that mean leaving the place etched on her heart?

Andy Tyler had to struggle for everything, and starting a new law practice in Miller's Creek, Texas, is no different. Though prepared for business challenges, he's not prepared for falling in love - especially with yet another woman who will probably abandon him for her career.

Will Andy and Trish be able to see past their limited human understanding to a path less traveled?

Karen: A Path Less Traveled sounds interesting! I think I may need to pick up a copy. :) What do you want your readers to come away with after reading your books?

Cathy: First and foremost, I hope readers glean God's goodness and grace from every page. I'd also like them to see the characters as good friends and Miller's Creek as vaguely familiar and a place they'd like to stay for a while. I hope the spiritual thread of the story resonates with them and helps them through this crazy journey we call life, and I also want them to enjoy the story.

Karen: How can readers contact and find more about you and your books?

Cathy: My website is and my blog is
I also frequently hang out on Facebook and Twitter.

Karen: Cathy, thank you for spending time with us and sharing your thoughts! You're an inspiration.

Cathy: Thanks again, Karen! I enjoyed the interview! =)

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Thanks for joining Cathy and I for this interview! We are planning another special feature later this fall when A Path Less Traveled is released. Cathy has agreed to elaborate further on her publishing journey. For those of you just joining us today, Cathy started her own publishing house to publish her books. You can read a bit about it on Monday's post.

So, will you help us out and share your questions about it? What would you like to ask Cathy regarding her publishing venture? Stay tuned, we'll share the answers in the coming weeks. Thanks and blessings to you all!

Happy weekend,


  1. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great plot setup.

    Here's a question: What's the hardest part about owning your own publishing company? You have to handle all the taxes and stuff, right?

  2. Nothing wrong with analyzing movies!
    And I can still say no to coffee.

  3. What a lovely interview, and such a good thing to be able to open your own publishing company to publish your own books.
    My question would be: how did Cathy cope? Meaning, it must be hard to get started, how did she overcome difficulties?

    Thanks for tha chance to win a copy of the book, my email is estrella[dot]azul20[at]gmail[dot]com
    Also, I follow your blog through Google Reader.

  4. "I can only answer based on my own experience, but for me the biggie is my relationship with God. He gives the creative spark, the spiritual lessons, the characters, the storyline. He also sends opportunities and helpers that push me along the path."

    I love this answer. This resonates with me.

    Also totally get her need for coffee...a girl after my own heart! :)

  5. Wow! Great questions! Hope I can do them justice!

    Jessica, the hardest thing for me personally is marketing the book, and that's something I'd have to do whether I owned the publishing company or not. I've never been a good salesman! A customer could say "I don't really need that" and I would agree with them! To top it all off, I'm fairly shy and introverted, so I'd rather have a root canal than try to sell my book.

    I do have to keep up with my own taxes, but that really hasn't been an issue for me since I also own a private music studio which I run out of my house. I've been doing taxes for that business for years, which helped greatly.

    Alex, I'm so glad you can resist the caffeine! On some days I can do half caf or no caf, but their are those days (like today) when the only thing that will get me going is a morning jolt of the real deal! =)

    Estrella, in my own experience, everything about life is challenging. I've learned to just get up and put one foot in front of the other and chug away. I will say that since I started writing my 'to-do' list never reaches 'to-done' (which drives this type A list-maker crazy)! Honestly, only God's grace gets me through on some days.

  6. Rhonda, sounds like we have a lot in common! :D

  7. Jessica,
    You are welcome! I agree, the plot sounds good:)

    I know, I analyze movies all the time. Comes with the territory I suppose!

    Thank you. I imagine Cathy is a bit of a trailblazer, but this is a good thing:)

    I liked that quote too. It sums up my writing philosophy.

    Seems there are many kindred writing hearts among us, right down to the coffee! :)


  8. I really have enjoyed this interview. I part of me has dreamed of doing my own publishing company but I know the comepetition and the marketing would be a challenge. It is nice to see someone go for it!

  9. I love this! I really do believe my relationship with God is the most important part of my writing. You've inspired me to dream big.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Interesting! I love getting to peek into the windows of another mind... thanks for sharing!

  12. Terri,
    Thanks so much, that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it; it was fun to interview Cathy:)

    Glad you liked it! Appreciate your thoughts. I think we all should dream big:)

    I agree, it is fun to see what inspires and motivates other writers! :)


  13. Great interview, Karen! Thoroughly enjoyed Cathy's candidness and obvious desire to magnify the Lord with her writing! Wow - I must say I'm amazed that you can do it all, Cathy: music studio, writing, publishing! I'll be sure to check out your site in more detail. Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Cathy, I love that you write all different times.. I am not very strategic but it always seems to get done. I just have always read authors that schedule the same time every day- not my style.

  15. Oh the Rocky Mountains!!! So beautiful, definitely a place to visit!

    Fantastic interview!!! I love your interviews Karen, always so fun!

  16. Wow! I'm enjoying all your comments. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by.

    Jennie, I envy those authors who can write on a schedule. My life just never seems to fit into a structured routine... *sigh* But, like you, it always seems to get done. =)

  17. Maria,
    Thanks! It helps when you have someone as talented and nice as Cathy to interview:)

    I'm not super structured with my writing all the time, either. Just depends on what else is happening. Glad to hear you are still productive!

    Thanks so much! They are fun to do:) Glad you enjoyed it:)

    Glad you are enjoying the gang:)

    Happy weekend, all!

  18. Cathy is so inspiring. And I love, love, love how she gives God the credit. I have enjoyed this interview so much. Thank you Karen and Cathy. Now I feel motivated to do all I can do to get published. Happy weekend. :)

  19. I'm glad you interviewed Cathy and would love to read her book.

    susanjreinhardt AT gmail DOT com

    Susan :)

  20. Great interview, Karen! Have been missing you at my place lately!!

  21. Robyn,
    She is, isn't she? Glad you enjoyed the interview! And glad you are inspired:)

    I'm glad too! Got you entered!

    Thanks so much. It's nice to be missed:) Will hop over now!

    Happy weekend!

  22. Cathy, as if there's even a question about chocolate or vanilla, right? Pfft. Chocolate. Always!

    Great interview, Karen!

  23. Karen..what a lovely interview with Cathy.

    I have two questions for Cathy.

    Q1. How do you manage to write, edit publish and market your book? It must be a huge strain on your time.

    Q2. If another publishing house would have published your books would they have done things differently.

  24. Jill,
    You have a point about the chocolate! :) Thanks so much, and appreciate you coming by!

    Thanks so much:) Good questions! We'll add these to the list for the next post with Cathy a bit later this fall.

    Blessings to each of you,

  25. Most definitely, Jill! =)

    Rachna, it is a huge time challenge. I have to constantly battle to keep my life in balance since I started this writing journey. Not only that, but I've had to learn how to market one book while writing another. But even if I weren't self-pubbed I would still have those two tasks to accomplish at the same time. The truth is that writing/publishing/marketing a book is not for the faint of heart. It's a lot of mind-numbing work.

    Answering question number 2 is a total guess, but I'm thinking not a lot. I would guess that the steps are pretty much the same whichever route you go.

    Thanks for the great questions! =)

  26. Great interview, Karen! Thanks for introducing me to a new author.

    Cathy, your story sounds intriguing. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

    I'm a follower and I'd love to be entered!
    srdietze at sbcglobal dot net


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