Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Writing, Prompts, & a Contest

Summer Writing

My tutoring schedule is lighter in the summer, so I like to work on additional writing projects. In theory anyway. So far I've done little more than keep my head above water trying to catch up on things postponed through the spring. I'm encouraged, though, by the fact that time still remains to get some extra projects done. Many writing days are waiting in August...:)

What kind of writing are you doing this summer? Does your writing change with the seasons? Does a change of weather inspire you?

Writer's Digest Contest

It's time for the annual Writer's Digest Short Story Competition! They're looking for fiction that's 'bold, brilliant...but brief" with a word count of 1500 or less. First place prize is $3000, second place is $1500, and third place is $500. There are even prizes for fourth through twenty-fifth place. Deadline is December 1, 2010. To enter, click here. Don't forget to let us know if you win!


Several of you have blessed me with awards in the past few months. Forgive me for not posting about them sooner, it is not that I am not grateful, just really busy! I hope to post them soon. Thanks for your kindness and patience.

Writing Prompts

If you need a bit of inspiration, The Journal has interesting writing prompts to suit most any taste. Exercises include journaling, free writing, prose, poetry, memoir, and opinion prompts. If you're feeling brave, share one with us!

Don't forget to share about your summer or other writing projects. We're all ears. :)

Blessings for your weekend,


  1. Hi Karen! I love your picture of the fountain. It looks so refreshing! Thanks for the link to The Journal. I don't think I knew of that and it looks wonderful! I don't think the seasons have made much difference in my writing. I know that since I started my blog...a year and a half ago, I think!... I feel as if blogging has helped make me a better writer, though. I think it's been part of that experience we all need and helped my confidence level, too. Hope you have a fabulous, productive August!!

  2. I am doing revisions for the summer and like that pace but yesterday I couldn't help myself and started the first few chapters of my book. Hope you get lots of writing time in!

  3. I'm working on a sequel to my upcoming book. Progress is slow, but I blame the heat!

  4. Will check it out. Thanks! :O)

  5. I just completed and published Queen of the Last Froniter an "As told to" biography about an Alaska pioneer woman I met forty years ago when I lived there for a short time. It was truly a long labor of love. Now back to my Chicken Soup for the Soul and feel good essays. Please consider signing on as one of my followers too.

  6. Thanks for those links Karen. I'm wrapped in my writing shawl, doing as much winter writing as possible. Lots of pots of tea and hot chocolate to keep me warm.
    Dorothy :)

  7. I'm spending the summer trying to increase my submission queue. That is, how many submissions do I have out there? My goal is to always have 20. So if I get three rejections and that goes to 17, then I need to get three more out there. Then for the fall, I want to focus on higher paying markets.
    That's my strategy for now.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Ive been trying to submit more articles this summer. Having a hard time concentrating on my WIP so Im in the learning mode...reading books on wirting and speaking. Want to get my platform off and running again.

  9. I've been active with my blog and the various articles I have by assignment, but my WIP is stagnant. Summer with two young kids at home has affected my attention, for sure. But school starts in a few weeks, and I'll be lining out a new writing routine. I'm excited!

  10. Thanks for the information, Karen. I love my fellow Christian writers...never selfish and always willing to share news.

    ~Britt Mitchell

  11. What a refreshing photo on these hot days. Very pretty :-) And summer projects? The goal is to get the first queries out. And I'm getting closer...!

  12. I've slowed down a lot over the last month due to family visiting and a nasty summer cold that has me curling up for sleep during my usual writing time. My daughter heads back to school in a couple weeks, so I'm hoping to work more on my YA novel and get back to the re-write/edit on my women's fiction manuscript. I keep getting sidetracked by family stuff!

  13. Hi, Karen! Summer has been CRAZY for me! I had no idea the crazy summer I would have until it was almost over. Yikes! As far as writing goes, I'm sending my manuscript off to be editied tomorrow. Very excited and anxious about the whole thing. Maybe a short story would be a great change of pace, but I don't even know where to start writing a story in 1500 words or less after taking 80k+ words to develop characters and story. Hmmm. Hope you are doing well!

  14. Karen:
    I understand. I think I am the queen of crazy summers. I sat here and did three skit scripts for the church drama ministry recently. We are looking at sugery for my husband and still trying to tie up loose ends of his sister's affairs. We're at a stand still until we get documentation.
    I am able to keep up my blog. I sent our some letters seeking writers guidelines and sample copies. That was this week.

  15. Sporadic and intense: those are the two words that describe my writing this summer. I'm either completely involved in my writing and working hard, or days fly by with the busy-ness of summer fun, and I barely touch the keys. I've been working on The Crystal Sword, a fantasy novel, and then yesterday I scrolled through an old story, and found myself re-writing the whole ending in the hour before dinner. Actually, dinner was postponed while I was writing . . . oops.

  16. The fountain image inspired and refreshed.
    And I need it as I SLOG through final edits for The Rhythm of Secrets and try to mentally plot not only Reclaiming Lily but a NEXT book to propose.

    There's a huge traffic jam in my BRAIN!!!


  17. I am editing and revising my WIP and will work on both a sparkling synopsis and a query letter. Have a nice weekend!

  18. I'm in the midst of putting making some of my work available on Amazon Kindle, plus finishing my opus, which I began six years ago.

    How's your summer going?


  19. Thanks for the link to the writing contest. That picture of the fountin is beautiful. It makes me want to go jump in it! :p

  20. I can finally work on my two WIPs. It feels good because they've been neglected for so long. Well, that's about it. Thanks for asking.

    Stephen Tremp

  21. Becky,
    You are welcome to the link! Hope it will be helpful:) I agree, blogging has been good for my writing too.

    Sometimes you just have to get those new project ideas down, don't you? I have so many ideas sometimes that it can be hard to stay disciplined. I am a work in progress...:)

    Yes, why not blame the heat! It's great that you are making progress. I figure even a little is better than nothing!

    You are welcome! Hope it is helpful:)

    Nice to meet you. Hopped over to your blog and enjoyed the post. Sounds like you have some good summer writing going!

    With the heat wave we've had your weather sounds wonderful. I'm a fan of cooler temperatures anyway:) Write and stay toasty!

    Sounds like a great plan! You've inspired me. Getting back to the routine after being away, so am heading in the same direction.:)

    This sounds like a great plan too! You are all inspiring me to get moving on some submissions and projects:)

    Sounds like you are making a little progress anyway, and will be back into the swing of things soon. Think I need to outline a writing schedule too!

    Glad to share info and thoughts, and so glad we've met. Your blog is a blessing:)

    Hooray for progress! Glad you are getting closer to your goals:)

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well; hope you are better now. I am sure your schedule will fall back into place before long. Hang in there! :)

    I am well, thank you! Sounds like you are going at the speed of light this summer. And how exciting to send the story off! I am thrilled to hear it. Starbucks soon??

    Blessings and thanks to each of you,

  22. Cecelia,
    It's been a crazy spring and summer here too. So many things keep popping up. Managing to get a few things done, sounds like you are as well:)

    I hear you on the 'oops' thing! There's been many an evening where I lost track of time and suddenly it is dinnertime. Oh, what, you people want to eat too? Oh well, somehow we make it work, don't we? lol

    So the weather has been toasty in IL too, huh? :) Traffic jams in the brain, yes, I can relate! Have a small one as we speak...

    Sounds like a good plan! Would love to hear your tips on a sparkling synopsis and query letter!

    I am well, and you? Congrats on your progress! Seems like things are really moving along.

    You are very welcome. Let me know if you enter, okay? The fountain just looked refreshing, so I thought I would share:)

    That sounds like plenty to keep you occupied! Hoping you make good progress.


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