Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comment Policy & 100 Follower Giveaway

 To Comment or Not to Comment...

What's your commenting policy? Do you make a comment each time you visit a blog? Or do you read the post and move on? Do you comment only if you feel like you have something interesting to say or if the post was especially thought provoking?

My thinking is this (you knew it was coming, right?) -  I comment on every post I visit, even if I don't have anything unique or eloquent to say. One exception to this is when I disagree with the topic on the post and cannot think of anything nice to say - you know, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." The other exception is if I am super busy and want to take a peek at the topic and plan to visit later. I don't always make it back, but I try.

I've always viewed comments as a means to tell the blog author that I was there. I know, there are hit counters and all that good stuff, but they aren't as personal as a comment. There are plenty of times that I've not known what to say, been tired, etc., but I figure that even a brief comment saying hello or that the post made me think helps the author to know I visited and valued their thoughts. I also make it a point to be diplomatic, kind, and tactful with my comments. I'd never make a comment that I wouldn't want to see on my blog.

How About Prioritizing?

How do you manage to get around to all the blogs that you follow? This is a daunting task if you follow a lot of blogs. It can also be a deterrent from making a comment. So many blogs, so little time! I've learned to order my visits, particularly when pressed for time, starting with blogs of specific interest and of those who've commented on my recent posts.

The next stops include the blogs of those who may not come around for all my posts, but visit frequently. Finally, as time allows, I visit new blogs, and of course, the blogs of followers who don't comment. Why? Because I value all my followers and understand that not everyone can get to every blog that they follow. I sometimes feel bad that I've had to set this blog hopping policy. I'd love to stop and visit as many blogs as possible, but in order to stay on task with my writing schedule, I have to set guidelines. Otherwise, I might not be able to call myself a writer. And we can't have that, for then I'd be downright grouchy.


Tell us, what is your commenting policy? Have I missed something important? It's entirely possible. Please share your thoughts. If you have any pointers on how to balance blog visiting, writing, and staying sane, please share them as well!

One Hundred Followers Giveaway!

Here it is, a bit of a giveaway to celebrate my recent milestone of 100 Followers. Thank you all for coming along on this blog adventure with me. I appreciate your support, comments, and faithfulness.

This giveaway includes two books, which will be given to two winners.

Book #1 is Somewhere to Belong by Judith Miller.

To read my recent review of this book, click here.

Book #2 is The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen. 

Click on the title for my review.

The first name drawn will receive first choice of titles.

To Enter:
  • Leave a comment to this post, include your email address like so: karenelange(at)gmail(dot)com. Entries without email address are not eligible.
  • Receive an extra entry by becoming a follower, or by reminding me that you already follow.
  • Receive a bonus entry by posting about this giveaway on your Facebook page. Please leave a comment telling me so.
  • Receive a bonus entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog. Please leave a comment with the link.
  • This is only open to US residents. For those of you who follow outside the US, I apologize!
  • Deadline to enter is noon eastern standard time, Tuesday June 8, 2010. Winner will be announced here, and notified via email, and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.
Don't forget to leave your thoughts about commenting. I am open to your thoughts and appreciate your input.

Thanks and blessings to each of you! Have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. My comment policy looks similar to yours. I do try to hit everyone and leave some kind of comment I was there. Anyone new, I make a special trip over and say hi and check them out. I never realized blogging was a part time job at times. :O)

  2. I am new to following blogs. I haven't set up my own yet. I don't always comment when pressed for time. I do try to at least skim all the blogs I follow. I will "star" some blogs and come back later when I have more time. I really enjoy the blogs I follow. It is a great escape.

  3. Wow, Karen, no wonder you have so many blogging awards! I've only posted if I had something worthwhile to contribute but your policy makes sense. However, I can barely keep up with reading all the posts of the blogs I follow, let alone comment :) I'm thinking of paring down my following list. But then, I don't want to be pared off someone else's list. This topic demands some serious thought.
    Have a good day,

  4. Ooops...forgot to enter the drawing :)
    cjalex44 at gmail dot com

    I'm already a follower.

  5. So many bloggers have been discussing comments this week!
    I try to visit all I follow and usually leave a comment. I guess as my following list grows, that will become more difficult.

  6. I LOVE comments, Karen. I love getting them and I love making them. I usuaslly comment on most blogs I visit. Regarding time, there's certainly never enough of it. I try to peek in on all the blogs in my sidebar on a daily basis. One thing is for sure...I need to find MORE time to write, outside the blogging. Thanks for your insightful posts. And please come by my blog anytime and know I love your comments, too! Susan

  7. Hi Karen,

    I agree about commenting. I usually try to leave a comment if I make the time to swing by a blog. I want to support my friends and let them know that I appreciate their blogs. :-)

    As far as making it to blogs. . . that's become extremely challenging to me. Of course I'm busy. But so is everyone else. So I'm trying to keep visiting blogs as part of my week, but telling myself that I may not be able to visit as often or regularly as I'd like!

  8. Hi Karen -

    Comments are the conversation of blogs, and I love interacting with other bloggers. 99% of the time, I comment at the blogs I visit. On my blog, if a commenter takes the time to respond to a post, I do my best to acknowledge their presence.

    The blog reader on my Blogger Dashboard is a huge help in managing my blog visits. Also, those who comment on my blog or are on my blogroll get first dibs on my blog reading. With that said, I probably cover 100 or more blogs per week.

    Of course, if my schedule changes, my blogging time will be affected. For now, I'm happy to visit so many. :)


  9. I love comments and like to leave them, but I don't every time I visit. If time is ticking away and I have other things to do, I will visit and leave. I try to reply to every comment I get on my blog, but with all that I follow, I don't visit every day and I don't comment every time. But what makes a huge difference for me, is if I know the owner comments back to me. Then I return a second time to read that comment.

    Great books, I would love to be entered and I am a follower. :)

    Email in profile and thank you!

  10. Hi Karen...Susan (again) at Now you can enter me in the giveaway. Congratulations on reaching 109 followers! That is FABULOUS. I have 8 more to go on my blog and then I'll have a giveaway, too! Isn't it FUN, Karen? Sincerely, Susan

  11. To all who've commented so far - you've got a great discussion going here, thank you! :)

    I agree, it is pretty much like a part time job!

    Great to have you along, and thanks for commenting, too! Let me know if you start a blog; I'd like to come and visit. Where in KY are you located? We just might be neighbors:)

    I don't know how you manage as well as you do, keeping up with your family, homeschooling, writing, and then your blog. You're a wonder! Got you entered in the drawing:)

    I didn't know this was the week's hot topic. Obviously I haven't made it around to many blogs yet this week:) Yes, it can be difficult. Perhaps we can all come up with a plan!

    Thanks for your thoughts. Your blog is always a nice stop for me, and your photos are wonderful:)

    Yes, we are all busy, so don't know what the solution is. I don't know how you keep up with everything on your plate, either, but somehow you have a wonderful blog and a book coming out soon...Amazing! :)

    Susan R.,
    This is a great point! It's almost like having been to a writer's group meeting. Appreciate your insight - you are my blog mentor, you know! :)

    It is a tough balance to have, that's for sure. But I think in the right balance, it is worth it. As long as we place our writing first.

    Thanks and blessings to all of you,

  12. I love comments, so I guess that to have some I have to give some.

    But I find myself being more faithful at commenting my earlier blogs than my recent ones.

    I also appreciate all my visitors even if they do not leave comments.

    Have a very blessed day. Big hug. xxx

  13. Karen:
    I read through the blogs I follow,leaving a comment when I can. I have some on my followers list that are not always active. It takes a while. But part of this is my way of connecting with other writers and with other Christians.

  14. I enjoy being a part of the blogging community--and know how neat it is when someone comments on my blog! So I started out with good intentions--that is that I would comment on a regular basis to all that I follow. It hasn't turned out to be as regular as I would like, but I'm working on it... :-)

  15. I comment every time I visit a blog. The point of visiting is to support one another, which is best done by leaving comments. I think comments help us feel validated as bloggers, regardless of how many followers we have. :-)

  16. Hi Karen- sooo many great blog & sooo little time! But, I do make a point to comment when I feel compelled to do so. If there's a blog I happen upon whose content reads like all the others, then I don't comment for the sake of commenting... There have to be something about the blog that draws my interest... Yours would be a perfect example!

    Shine on!

  17. Raymonde,
    Always glad to see you:) You make a good point. I do appreciate visitors who don't leave a comment, too.

    Another great point. This is such a good way to connect with and meet other writers.

    I like the support aspect too, and as you said, when people leave comments it helps us to feel effective, like we're really talking to someone!

    Ah, how nice of you to say! I am glad you feel my blog is worthy of a comment. There are so many good ones out there, and as you said, 'so many blogs, so little time'!

    Thanks and blessings to all of you for stopping and sharing,

  18. You get a 100 in my book for your diligence to make comments! I'm curious as to your schedule. How much time do you spend writing for your blog, commenting on others' blogs, and writing for your WIP?

    Congratulations on your recent 100 followers milestone!!! You're an inspiration!! Please enter me in your drawing: morgan(dot)maria(dot)i(at)gmail(dot)com

    Have a great weekend and God bless!

  19. I think your commenting policies are very wise words, and I follow similar rules, though I had never articulated them to myself. The most important, I think, is commenting even when you don't feel articulate. Not only does this show your presence, but it just might spark something for someone else that you never dreamed!


  20. Yay for fantastic books!!! Happy 100+ followers!!! My email address:


    I have to say that my commenting style is structured. I start in the mornings with the one on my sidebar then move those in my blog roll. Throughout the days those who comment on my blog I reciprocate and comment on theirs.

    It's hard to remain structured and prioritize but I do my best and if I don't make them all I remember there is always tomorrow. Everyone I visit gets a comment, it's what I want so I do what I would want form my fellow blog buddies! I figure if I have time to stop and read I have time to comment!

  21. Maria,
    My schedule is just plain crazy sometimes! Maybe I'll share about the juggling act in a future post. Thanks for the kind words. Got your name on the list!

    Excellent point! I agree and didn't bring that out. Thank you for sharing:) Added you to the list as well.

    Thank you:) Some days my structure goes out the window. It can be quite the juggling act, can't it? I feel the same way - if I stop I have time to make even a short comment. Got you on the list!

    Thanks and blessings to all of you,
    Thanks for

  22. I DO try to comment when I visit a blog--although there have been times when I've read a post and have had nothing to say! LOL!

  23. I already follow you terri dot tiffany at yahoo dot com

    Probably 98% of the time I leave a comment if I visit a blog--but if I get there and it is really long and I am pressed for time, I might not. I always visit those bloggers who leave me a comment. I try at least once a week to go through my blogger list and comment and then I try to watch for any new people following me and visit theirs.
    We all have our favorite bloggers who we make a point to visit because we've developed a relationship of some sort through emails or whatever so I will think of those friends and make a point to get to them every few days.

  24. I almost always leave a comment at every site I visit, if for no other reason than I appreciate comments so much. Exceptions would be the same ones you mentioned.

    My following list is already well over 100, and I can't visit and comment on everyone's. I prioritze the blogs of those who have commented on mine, and I also have some favorite blogs that I just really enjoy and visit often. Beyond that, I try to visit 10 others from my following list a week, and at least 10 new blogs. Following these rigid rules is the only way I can keep my priorities straight.

  25. Oops, forgot to add my email and to mention I'm a follower!

    berendsen70 at yahoo dot com

  26. Jennifer,
    You know, that's happened to me too! I usually just say something like have a good week or something. Figure it's something anyway; at least they know I was there.

    I'm with you on that. Sounds like a good plan for getting around blog world:) Added your name to the list!

    Another good plan, and if it works for you, all the better! Got you on the list too:)

    Thanks and blessings to each of you,

  27. Karen, my commenting follow a similar schedule to yours. It was interesting reading your commentators comments to learn how everyone else does it! I read and comment on all blogs that have commented on my recent posts, and when a know a blogger posts on a certain day, I do try to visit that day, and comment. I'll also just scan the list of comments on other blogs, and when I see one I know I follow, I'll use that link to link up to their blog and comment. Kind of scattered I guess! But I do try to get to as many as I can but only probably average 30 a week. I also have a photo blog that is more controllable due to a tally of 15 followers.It's that full-time day job that gets in the way!
    Can't enter your contest because I'm Canadian but congratulations on your 100 followers! And thanks for commenting at both my places!

  28. I always comment. And if someone visits my blog I return the favor barring odd-ball circumstances. Have a great weekend!

  29. Lynn,
    It has been great reading everyone's thoughts! I've learned some things and it's good to know where others are with things. Sorry about the US only thing. One Day I'll have to do an overseas thing:)

    Me too. As far as those odd ball circumstances, I hear you! I've had them come up too.

    Thanks and blessings to both of you,

  30. I struggle with having a very tight comment policy. I try to visit everyone who visits my blog and I have several blogs I visit and comment on who I know don't have time to comment on every blog they read. I also have a slew of blogs I read that I simply don't comment on for several reasons.

    I love visiting an commenting on blogs, but there are times when I simply can't make the rounds.

  31. I try to comment on blogs I visit, and I definitely comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine. My problems is there aren't enough hours in the day to visit all the blogs I'd like to. It's just impossible.
    I'm psyched to join your contest!
    lydiakang (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  32. I comment on posts I have questions on or really like. But I like your method as well.
    31 comments! Wow, whished I had that many on by blog!

  33. Heather,
    There are days, weeks, even, when I cannot make my usual rounds. It is an interesting balance! :)

    I've added your name to the list:) I agree, we need more hours somehow to make the rounds!

    You know, sometimes there are a lot of comments, sometimes not as many. I guess it just depends on the topic and how much time everyone has! Thanks for coming by:)

    Thanks and blessings to all of you,

  34. Karen, I'd say my policy is probably pretty much the same as yours. :-)
    Please enter me!

    jessica_nelson7590 at yahoodotcom

  35. Jessica,
    I'm working on the extra time in the day thing, if I have any breakthroughs, I will let you know!:) Got you on the list.

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. Will check out your blog. Have a great weekend.

    Blessings to both of you,

  36. You could have written this post for me and been pretty spot on as to how I handle my blogging. If I visit a blog I will leave a comment 90% of the time. If I don't it's for the reasons you gave or I just don't like what the blogger is saying and I don't feel like saying anything about it.

    I spend way too much time on blogging these days and still can't get to all of the blogs that I would like to.

    Good post. And congratulations on reaching 100 followers. Now you're on the way to 200.

    Tossing It Out

  37. Karen,
    Congratulations on your 100 milestone!
    I love getting comments, and so appreciate yours. Most of my readers get the posts in their email boxes and rarely leave a comment, though they'll often comment to me in person!
    As for leaving comments, I do try because I know how much I appreciate them. Time constraints sometimes limit me, but commenting with other bloggers is how to develop a community.

  38. Lee,
    Well, if you need to borrow the post, let me know! :) Some weeks I feel swamped with blogging and other things but working to get a better balance. As some of us have said - so many blogs, so little time! Thanks for your kind words.

    Susan P.,
    I can see where you'd miss the comments if everyone gets the email notices. I think you are right; this is how we develop a community. Thanks for coming by:)

    Thanks and blessings to both of you,

  39. Hi Karen -

    I just realized I didn't enter the drawing. I've already read The Silent Governess, so I'd only be interested in Judith Miller's book.

    susanjreinhardt (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks. :)


  40. this is a really interesting post -- because i've thought about it a lot, too. i remember before i starting blogging myself, i was always very wary, very hesitant to comment or say anything -- i felt out of place and intrusive, like i was just walking into someone's house without knocking. but i realize now that comments are such a source of reassurance for bloggers, because it makes us feel like we're not talking to ourselves. even if we don't know the commenter, it's gratifying to think someone cared enough about what we wrote to say hello. and, besides, it's an excellent way to meet people in the blogosphere! as a result, it's become my personal policy to comment as much as i can. it takes an extra moment, but it usually means so much.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, Karen! this is such an important topic!

    ooh, and AWESOME giveaway!

    my email address is thmafi(at)gmail(dot)com


  41. Great topic. I try and post on blogs that I follow regularly - atleast once a week and more if they comment on mine. I'm pretty loyal like that. I don't comment if I just can't think of anything to say. But I try. But as always, my writing comes first.

  42. Susan R.,
    Got you down! Thanks:)

    I've added your name to the list too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on commenting. It has been great hearing everyone's thoughts:) I agree, it means a lot to me when people comment.

    This has been more of a hot topic than I expected! I appreciate when you come and share your thought, thanks! And yes, writing needs to come first.

    Thanks and blessings to all of you,

  43. Comments on my blog inspire me to continue! I confess that I have been remiss sometimes when I visit other blogs. You post has inspired me to ALWAYS leave a comment. Best to you, Linda

  44. Hi Karen,

    Congrats on the followers. :) I don't need to enter the contest - no time to read anything right now. :(

    As far as approach is similar to yours. I do make a point to comment to everyone who has posted a comment on my blog - no matter what. :)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  45. I pretty much follow your commenting routine. If I am really stretched for time I pray that God leads me to the posts He wants me to read. Works every time!

    I'm a follower.


  46. Dear Karen:
    I comment on every blog I visit, unless I am offended by the content, which is rare. I try to visit all bloggers who comment on my posts, then add a few visits to other blog followers who rarely visit, if I have extra time.

    I've found it impossible to keep up with all the blogs I follow, so I put those who comment on my blog at the top of my list.

    Pleae enter me in your contest. I am a follower, and proud of it!

    Thanks for your generosity,

  47. Linda,
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for becoming a follower. Glad I was able to inspire you:)

    Yes, that plan works pretty well as long as I have the time through the week. I hear ya, time is at a premium around here too:)

    Got you entered in the giveaway. It sounds like you have a good plan going!

    I added your name to the list too. You are most welcome. Thanks for the compliment:)

    Thanks and blessings to all of you,

  48. Oh Karen, you're such a faithful visitor; and I LOVE your comments! Normally I leave comments when I visit a blog, but sometimes I just drop in and scan, staying longer if there's something that grips my attention. 90% of time I comment on those posts.

    Since I've developed a fondness for a number of blog sites I've begun to have difficulty getting around to all of them, especially now that my time is spread across a variety of move-related projects. I hope once I'm re-settled I can re-establish my visiting & commenting regimen.


  49. I need to set up a system. I try to be sure I get to the blogs of those who comment on mine, who retweet mine, and those on my blogroll. I especially like that I can list the roll according to most current posts. I try to comment every time I visit, but sometimes I don't for various reasons--and sometimes I leave several comments in a day! I hate that I miss more than I hit! :(

  50. Kathleen,
    Here it is again - the time factor. One of these days one of us will solve it! :) Thanks for your kind words; I appreciate your thoughts and visits.

    I am rethinking my system slightly, only b/c there are so many I follow. I am thinking about taking a week off like many bloggers do. It may ease the schedule a bit.

    Thanks and blessings to each of you:)

  51. I don't comment on every post I read but I do attempt to leave one comment per blog I read, even if I'm just passing through and haven't marked them as a Follower, just to let them know that I was there. The only exception to this is if I only skimmed through the blog. When I've found a nice post that I was happy to read, I think it's only fair to say something.

  52. Hi Shannon,
    Good points. I think as bloggers, we like to know someone is reading what we put out there. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a blessed day!