Thursday, October 8, 2009

Because I Said So!

A recent Writer's Digest Questions and Quandaries segment asked this question:

Can you start a sentence with 'Because'?

Brian Klems, an online editor for WD shares the rhyme and the reason behind this burning question. I like his reasoning, and it is interesting to see the true grammar logistics behind this puzzling dilemma. Makes you think, have we been sold any other grammar myths and traditions over the years?

Most grammar rules are good ones, and exist for a reason, such as clarity and order for reading and writing. I just have to chuckle, though, when I think of things like this. I was raised in an era where if you did anything wrong at school it would "Go on your permanent record!" Hmm, let's see, I am thinking that my permanent record from the Philip Baker Memorial School doesn't really mean anything any more. Unless of course, all my grammar mistakes were somehow stored in a database somewhere. And someday, when Karen Lange is a household name, one of my teachers of days gone by will drag out this permanent record and show the world that I am not a perfect grammar student...Well, you never know, it might happen.

So what grammar myths, traditions, and stumbling blocks have you tackled over the years? Which ones caused you to run for The Elements of Style to double check your prose? And okay, while I'm on a roll, what's on your permanent record??

Thanks for tolerating my ramblings. Blessings to all, and of course, happy writing!


  1. Ha! You gave me an idea for a post. Thanks. :)

    I have no clue what's on my permanent record. They're probably in some dusty warehouse.

    I'm sure glad Jesus wiped away another kind of record -- all the things I've done wrong.

    Susan :)

  2. Amen, Susan:) If I run across your permanent school record, I will let you know! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Karen:
    We had a discussion one night at writing group about sentences like the following: She will be taller than (I or me). Two of the ten said it was I. I even brought out the rule from fifth grade that we continue the comparison. One of our members (who holds a Master's degree) even said it should be 'me.'

    Seeing as how I am not the same person I was in school, thanks to Jesus, no one would believe what it might say.

  4. Ah yes, Cecelia, I can see the problem in that one. I'd be having to stop and think for sure. Thanks for stopping by:)


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