Essay Writing Mini Course

Essay Writing Mini Course

Is your teen studying for the Essay portion of the SAT, ACT, or CLEP Composition Exam? Or do they need a quick refresher on essay writing? The Homeschool Online Writing Co-op’s Mini Course can help!

This special two-week private online course includes:

1)    The Write for Life series by Writing Instructor & Freelancer Karen Lange 

2)      Essay writing practice
3)      Personalized coaching and feedback

This concentrated overview of the essay writing process provides essential info and practice, helping equip students to write a thoughtful, polished essay for their exam. Students will write three essays during the course, and receive personalized tips and feedback. This online mini course is also useful for students looking for a quick refresher, or those entering college after a hiatus from their studies. 

Course cost:

Back to School Special - $110 (Regularly - $125)

Who is Karen Lange?

Karen Lange is a freelance writer, blogger, editor, and online writing instructor for teens at the Homeschool Online Writing Co-opShe is an adult writing instructor at the Coffeehouse for Writers as well. A former homeschool mom, Karen taught her three children in grades K-12. Her experience also includes writing curriculum and teaching at homeschool learning co-ops. 


Contact Karen at

Write for Life Volumes 1 & 2

For more info about Write for Life Volumes 1 & 2, or to purchase separately from the mini course, click here.

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